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  • Importance Of Vehicle Transportation

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    Due to the suspension of the defendants Florida driver’s license and seize tag order I requested dispatch to have the next wrecker in rotation to be in route to my location. I was advised that Pasco towing was the next wrecker in rotation and they arrived shortly thereafter. During a routine vehicle inventory I located a small pink baggy containing a green leafy substance located in the center console directly between the driver and passenger

  • A Basic Overall Assessment Of Pasco County Health

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    A basic overall assessment of Pasco county health concludes that the county is a moderately healthy community with chronic illness being a major issue. When comparing Pasco County In the area of Health outcome to the 67 other counties in Florida Pasco places 45th. The higher the score the worse the county is. (County Health, 2013) There are two categories that the rankings were broken into were health outcomes and health factors. Health outcome refers to mortality and morbidity. Health factors

  • Domestic Violence In Pasco County: A Case Study

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    The resources for domestic violence in Pasco county, come in a variety of forms and reaches. Victims of domestic violence have at their disposal resources like emergency shelters, counseling, legal advocacy, and hotlines. Many of them can be reached by going to the location of the offered service, or through a telephone call, and their respective web sites. Every police station, fire station, and hospital in the county is able to direct victims of domestic violence to the program facilities that

  • Employment History, Occupation, And Work Schedule

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    served in the military. Kristin currently works for Basin City Elementary as a Teacher and has worked there since 2013. Her work hours are Monday through Friday, 7:00 a.m. until 3:30 p.m. From 2011 to 2013 she worked as a substitute teacher for the Pasco School District. Prior to that she stayed at home to care for their children and work on her education. Kristin has not served in the military. CULTURE Julio is Hispanic and speaks Spanish and English fluently. He describes his culture as traditional

  • The Role Of Administrators As A Strong School Environment

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    instructional proficiencies; identifies faculty instructional proficiency needs; and provides resources, time, and engages faculty. Establishing a school environment in which the school climate supports student engagement in learning is evident at Pasco High School. Principal Kadlub explains that there are a number of factors that contribute to creating an environment in which students show growth. One important factor is that there has to be a good sense of campus moral with both the faculty and

  • Organizational Analysis Paper

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    in Pinellas County than Hillsborough. And costs in both counties tend to be less than in Pasco. For example, a stroke-prevention procedure known as Carotid Endarterectomy cost Humana more than $30,000 at Community Hospital of New Port Richey. Equally good results were reported at University Hospital in Tampa, where the cost was about $5,000. Meanwhile, cost for procedures at hospitals in east Pasco County are higher than elsewhere in Pasco County are higher than elsewhere in Pasco. For example

  • A Model Of Governance Through Capitalistic Ideals

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    Want to know a little known fact? Local government is one of the most influential factors in the American way of life, but it is not even mentioned in the U.S. Constitution. Essentially the Constitution set up national and state governments but leaves local governments out creating a gray area. This area has been filled with many different methods and types of government. One of the ideas which pertains to filling this gray area is the Tiebout model. In essence this is a model of governance through

  • Buffalo For Real Case Study

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    The narrative that gets told about a city influences public policies, economic development initiatives, and even civic morale and engagement. For example, in the case of Buffalo, pervasive myths about high property tax rates have influenced the public’s perception about the funding of public programs and fed the desire for irresponsible tax cuts. Similarly, stories that fail to acknowledge issues of poverty, inequality, and segregation marginalize certain groups and hinder constructive dialogue on

  • Texas Politics Essay

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    the state of Texas. Texas has 254 counties, the most of any state. Each county is governed by a five-member Commissioners Court, which consists of a County Judge (elected at-large) and four Commissioners (elected from single-member precincts). The County Judge has no veto authority over the decisions of the Court, s/he has one vote along with the other Commissioners. In smaller counties, the County Judge also performs judicial functions, while in larger counties his/her role is limited to the Court

  • General-Purpose State Governments

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    governmental functions, and counties, municipalities, and towns and townships all fall into this category. Special purpose local governments generally focus on a specific purpose and one function. Best known of these are the school districts. Regardless of name, it is state government that gives local governments of all types their legal life. Counties were created to function as appendages of the state, but modernization and population growth have put pressures on counties