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  • A Hero's Journey in My Family

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    [people of the Hmong] come to America?” Thus he answered,” We are here in the United States today because of the Americans. We, the Hmong, formed an alliance with the Americans and fought together in the Secret War (1961-1975). After Laos had been taken over by the Pathet Lao communist Party, the Hmong fled to Thailand for refuge to escape from being persecuted. Then eventually left Thailand somewhere in the year 1995 to come to where we live now, Saint Paul, MN.” Many families also made the same decision

  • Vang Pao Essay

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    a war in Laos, while the Vietnam war was going on. The CIA, General Vang Pao, American troops and the Hmong veterans were fighting against the Lao communist and the Vietnamese soldiers. The Lao communist government structurally declared genocide on the Hmong. They came to every Hmong village that thought supported the Americans. The communist slaughtered, burned, and raped the Hmongs. The war was kept secret by the American Government because the CIA didn’t have permission to go to Laos, but Vietnam

  • A Hmong Family Memoir Analysis

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    Vietnamese, the Americans, the Chinese, or the Soviets. Other ethnic groups, such as the Hmong, are ignored or given less attention. The Vietnamese, the Americans, the Chinese, and the Soviets were not the only key players in this war; the Hmong, the Lao, and the Thai people were also involved. Often, these groups of people’s contributions and struggles during the war are not acknowledged. Incidentally, one memoir written by Kao Kalia Yang, a Hmong refugee, successfully provides a representative scope

  • Hmong Refugees After The Secret War With The Pathet Laos

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    My family immigrated to the United States in the late 1970s, as Hmong refugees after the secret war with the Pathet Laos. My family originally settled in San Diego, California for several years before they decided to move to Fresno, California. When my parents came to Fresno they were receiving welfare and attending adult school. My father noticed that their friends and relatives were earning more money working in the fields than going to school. My parents dropped out of adult school and started

  • The Cause Of The Hmong People In The Vietnam War?

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    one-third of the population perished in the involvement in the war(Martin(2011)). The Hmong plotted an insurgency, but it was very risky and they could not take any more casualties so they fled to other countries such as the U.S and to nearby countries of laos. When they arrived in America, they mostly settled in Minnesota and California. therefore they separated slowly into other states and, they slowly lost some of their customs as they lived in America ("Hmong Involvement in Vietnam War and the Aftermath

  • The Hmong, the Lees' Experience, and the Conflict of Cultures

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    The Hmong are a group of people who originally lived in the mountains overlooking Laos, China, Vietnam, and Thailand-- though most have since emigrated to other countries and areas due to political conflict. They have valued self-sufficiency and resisted authority throughout history, as they have constantly been the minority and often seen as the Other and persecuted for being such. Still, many have managed to survive and preserve much of their culture, such as religious beliefs and shamanic healing

  • Laos

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    Laos Laos, officially the Lao People's Democratic Republic, is a landlocked country in Southeast Asia, bordered by Burma and the People's Republic of China to the northwest, Vietnam to the east, Cambodia to the south, and Thailand to the west.  Capital: Vientiane Currency: Lao kip Population: 6.77 million (2013)  Government: Communist state, Socialist state Official language: Lao ------------------------------------------------- Etymology -------------------------------------------------

  • Essay on Overview of Yellow Rain

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    They quickly started to take control of Laos and forced their way into power. The Laotian government, instead of continuing a losing war, surrendered to prevent any further casualties, under an agreement that no one oppose the Pathet Laos forces and no one harmed. They handed over control. With the new change, the Hmong refugees flee Laos in fear of their safety. United States tried to help evacuate refugees into Thailand. The problem was

  • The Secret War And How It Affected The Hmong People

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    Hmong people that were affected by it.] BODY: I. Information about the Secret War A. When it began and who were involved. 1. The Secret war was happening during the Vietnam War, which I’m assuming everybody has heard of before, and it took place in Laos. 2. It started in

  • Case Study : Lao People 's Democratic Republic

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    Study Research Essay: Lao People’s Democratic Republic Lao People’s Democratic Republic, or simply Laos, is a landlocked nation in Southeast Asia occupying the northwest portion of the Indochinese peninsula (“Geography”). It is surrounded by Vietnam, Myanmar, Thailand, and China (“The World Factbook”). Despite having abundance natural resources compared to other countries in the region, Laos is referred to as “one of east Asia’s poorest countries” (“Laos Profile - Overview”). Laos is one of the world’s