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  • Dental Pathology Of Surgical Pathology

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    Dolls, tea party sets and an occasional pink soccer ball. My years were spent in the Surgical Pathology suite goggling over various organ cancers with assorted Surgeons and my enthusiastic Mother. In fact, unlike most kids dreading to go to work with a parent, I thought it was an exciting experience. Around the age of twelve I realized that I was interested in the field of medicine. Namely Surgical Pathology. I decided to delve deeper and start to ask my mentor (My unconventional, eccentric, and

  • Forensic Pathology

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    Forensic Pathology Have you ever just wanted to come home from a long days at work and kick off your shoes and grab some food and pig out in front of the television? You began to flick through all the channels and can’t find what you are looking for so you come to CSI Miami and this had caught your attention and now you’re toned in and intrigued of what they are doing. You find yourself yelling at the T.V. saying “how they do that?” “What is that?” “Why are they doing that?” and “how did they

  • The Importance Of Forensic Pathology

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    Abstract Forensic pathologist play a vital role in the justice system in matters concerning questions of death. Forensic pathology has been considered a specialty in medicine. Although often not recognized forensic pathology is a growing specialty. Recent decades have brought a plethora of technological advances, popularized criminal cases, and even mainstream media programs that has pushed this specialty into the eyes of the public, boosting this professions esteem. However modern forensic science

  • The Importance Of Communication Between Patient And Pathology

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    Abstract In pathology, consultation with a patient is a very scarce and a rare event. Pathologists are often considered invisible and unrecognized; due to the misconceptions and stereotypes they hold in our society. Patients are often not aware of the definitive and crucial role pathologists plays in their health care, hence many lack the opportunity to interact personally to pathologists. At the forefront of breaking barriers between patient and pathologist is their interaction. The significance

  • Pediatric Pathology Personal Statement

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    When I first started medical school, I did not know what Pathology entailed as a specialty. My original goal was then to become an oncologist, pushed by my enthusiasm for the diagnosis process and a strong personal interest in the pathogenesis of cancer. Before then, I had always found the meticulous search and gathering of clues to support a discovery to be mentally stimulating. I was never bored. This is why I had been drawn to research during my undergraduate studies in biochemistry and later

  • Essay on Forensic Pathology as a Career

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    Forensic Pathology as a Career The career that I researched was forensic pathology. The job of a pathologist is to determine a person’s cause of death by examining tissues and fluids from the body. A forensic pathologist does this as well, but they are trained to examine people who died unexpectedly or violently and to recognize other things that a regular pathologist might not, such as recognizing something as intentional rather than accidental. They have to determine who the person is,

  • An Interview with a Speech Pathology

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    During my interview with Speech Pathologist, Deborah Kirsch, I learned countless details about the Speech Pathology career field. When we first began talking, I learned that Mrs. Kirsch works out of a company called “Professional Therapy Services”, where she is contracted out to work for “Eunice Smith Nursing Home” which is located in Alton, Illinois. She has been working at this facility for about a year. She is a newly found graduate from Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, and she graduated

  • Difference Between Forensic Anthropology And Forensic Pathology

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    There are many different forms of forensic studies. Two of these forms are forensic anthropology and forensic pathology. Though there are similarities in these two fields, there are also many differences. When choosing whether to have a career in Forensic Anthropology or Forensic Pathology, one must first know the differences in salary, the focus of study, the different education and certifications needed for each career, diverse abilities needed, personality types, as well as the distinctive software

  • Dr. Smith And Forensic Child Pathology

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    pathologist, after being discredited get off virtually free from his life destroying mistakes? Dr. Charles Smith is certainly making it clear that, the penalties are far from just. Dr. Smith was formally known to be one of Canada’s best in, forensic child pathology. He practiced at SickKids in Toronto and conducted more than 1000 autopsies. Dr. Charles Smith conducted the autopsy on Brenda Waudby’s 21 month old daughter which resulted with, Brenda being charged with second-degree murder in 1997. In 2006, however

  • Speech Language Pathology

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    document entitled “Scope of Practice in Speech-Language Pathology”, the professionals at the American Speech and Hearing Association (ASHA) thoroughly explain the profession of speech language pathology and the extent of practice within speech-language pathology. The article includes the following information: purpose statement of the article, definition of speech-language pathologists and speech-language pathology, objectives of speech-language pathology, and the practice and delivery domains. Information