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  • Patient Care For A Patient

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    Pediatric patients in hospital settings are unquestionably in a defenseless position and are highly reliant on nurses to provide for their individual needs. In the poem above, not only was the pediatric patient’s needs met, but also the nurse showed caring qualities that made the patient feel comforted. As a pediatric nurse, caring is a quality that is imperative to include along with nursing interventions to provide holistic care for a patient. Caring holds significant value to us professionally

  • Patient Care And Patient Safety

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    of nurse to patient ratios has remained a consistent focus of controversy in the medical community. Nurses, physicians, patients, CEO’s and countless other individuals, have questioned the growing concern with patient safety and patient outcomes. Laying at the root of this concern, is the ever growing unease for patient safety based on the number of patients a nurse cares for during one shift. Hinno (2011) states “Knowledge of the relationship between nurse staffing and adverse patient outcomes is

  • Patients Experience And Patients Satisfaction

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    Patients Experience and Patients Satisfaction While the explicit study of the effect of patient experience and satisfaction has been limited, many scholars have explored the relationship between aspects of patients’ experience during their stay at hospitals or health centers and their satisfaction ratings. Most of this literature focused on patient centered care and its various manifestations from physicians’ communications to nursing attention time spent per patient. Tables 2 and 3 presents the

  • Patient Advocacy : A Patient Advocate

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    The business operation I am going to discuss is patient advocacy. Patient advocacy is an effort to protect and/or defend patients; taken on by individuals, organizations, or groups. Therefore, advocacy is standing for or with a patient that have particular challenges or health concerns. Patient advocacy may include educating the patient and family, affecting public policies, and joining associations. Professional patient advocates heave often worked as social workers, case managers, nurses, or

  • Patient Education For Patients And The Education

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    Introduction Patient Education is dedicated to patients and the education we should be providing as health care professional on a day-to-day basis. Patient Education is one of more important jobs we do in our career as nurses. Children with chronic health problems or diseases such as on a pediatric hematology/oncology unit, require skilled, home-based care by parents, supported by professionals. However, once patients are discharged, it is evident that there is a continuous need for online resources

  • Patient Centred Care : Patient Care

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    This essay will discuss patient centred care and some of the main principles associated to it. It will also discuss why patient centred care is so important in nursing and acknowledges that there will always be opportunities and times when these principles can continually be improved upon and developed through further training and education. Gerteis et al (1993) suggests there are 7 dimensions of patient centred care. These involve respect, preferences and expressed need, coordination and integration

  • Patient Centered Care And Patient Care

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    Patient Centered Care Providing patient centered care each and every time I am in the hospital is something that I hold to a very high esteem for myself and everyone I work with. My preceptor and I both think it is very important to treat patients like they are our own family member or friend, so there are many examples I could give for how I exhibited patient centered care while I completed my senior practicum on 5200/5300. Perhaps the most memorable from my time on this floor was when I had a

  • Nurse Patient Ratio And Patient Outcomes

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    Nurse Patient Ratio and Patient Outcomes Nurse staffing have an effect on a variety of areas within nursing. Quality of care is usually affected. Hospitals with low staffing tend to have higher incidence of poor patient outcomes. Martin, (2015) wrote an article on how insufficient nursing staff increases workload and job dissatisfaction, which in effect decreases total patient care over all. When nurse staffing is inadequate, the ability to practice ethically becomes questionable. Time worked, overtime

  • Patient Centered Care And Patient Care

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    Pain and Sleep and how they correlate to Patient Centered Care. In the physical realm of patient-centered care pain, comfort, sleep, and rest are important aspects of the fourth dimension of patient-centered care. Patient-centered care is the complete focus of the medical team on providing respectful care to meet patient needs, preferences and values guide decisions on each individual patient care. To understand the subjective view of the patient, these four aspects are at the forefront of their

  • Patient Observation

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    University Hospital, I saw a variety of patients. The first patient I worked with was a 68-year-old male diagnosed with diverticulitis. The patient had surgery to reduce the inflammation and pouches formed, but the problem persisted. The patient received two more abdominal surgeries following the first one, which helped significantly. Although the physical therapist did not mention any precautions, the patient was very slow to sit up and move. The patient had a hard time speaking, but understood