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  • Social Pedagogy Essay

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    Social pedagogy As an idea social pedagogy first started being used around the middle of the nineteenth century in Germany as a way of describing alternatives to the dominant models of schooling. However, by the second half of the twentieth century social pedagogy became increasingly associated with social work and notions of social education in a number of European countries. Social pedagogy is based on humanistic values stressing human dignity, mutual respect, trust, unconditional appreciation

  • Gedagogy: Pedagogy And Andragogy

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    Life Long Learning, Pedagogy and Andragogy “What kind of education is needed for what kind of society tomorrow?” A group of 15 persons from all over the world called the "International Commission on Education for the 21st Century", chaired by Jacques Delors, attempted to answer precisely this question. The group, also known as the Delors Commission, after numerous consultations and research, published the book “Learning:The Treasure Within”. The concept of life long learning was central to Delor’s

  • The Importance Of Literacy Pedagogy

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    most beneficial pedagogical methods to utilise (Tompkins et al, 2012). Literacy pedagogy within the Australian context has changed drastically over time and has resulted in a myriad of pedagogical choices that influence contemporary literacy education (Kalantzis & Cope, 2012). By critically analysing the changing approaches to literacy teaching within the Australian educational context, the four major literacy pedagogies: didactic, authentic, functional and critical can be explored linearly to highlight

  • The Importance Of Literacy Pedagogies

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    Literacy pedagogies have a developing and complex history in education, intertwined with social and cultural change and evolution. Each change has paved a new path for more significant approaches and strategies, which cater to diverse learners allowing them to create meaning and communicate more effectively. These literacy pedagogies brought out by the changes in education have both strengths and weaknesses. As such, educators need to explore and understand the four knowledge processes portrayed

  • What Is Pedagogy?

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    Pedagogy is the discipline that deals with the theory and practice of teaching children, teenagers or adults, respectively. According to this, I consider it as one of the most complex career because it involves too many responsibilities, especially in teaching children or teenagers, because we have the training and the future of children, who need an integral development, on our hands. That is why we need to get informed and study about teenage issues at the university, as we just did. When I started

  • Critical Pedagogy ( Cp )

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    Critical pedagogy (CP) is after fostering a critical and analytical lens which may suggest diverse possibilities of appreciating the active relationship between teachers-learners and teaching-learning processes. Without thinking critically and working critically, the monotonous process of systems may keep going. Human beings are not robots or machines to be given some instructions by a designer in advance to run for a while in a routine and repetitive manner. They are ashamed of staying still and

  • My Philosophy Of Pedagogy

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    Being the science of teaching, pedagogy encompasses the complexity of a teacher’s work. Roget (1997) defines pedagogy as “the act, process or art of imparting knowledge and skill” (Roget, 1997). This module has developed in me the appropriate pedagogical knowledge and skills and helped me evolve as a beginner teacher. Since the start of the module, I have discovered many new dimensions to teaching which has been added to my philosophy of teaching. The teaching and learning process concerns

  • What Is The Centerer Centered Pedagogy?

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    institutionalised prerogative. ##### Highlights that Pedagogy is concerned with the methodological articulation of passing knowledge to a people. He further mentions that, it coins the method and practice of teaching and should be reflective unto itself based on the response given by the subjects (learners). However, this essay will strictly (in all respects) give central attention to Learner Centred Pedagogy. Primarily, Learner Centred Pedagogy simply refers to teaching that is aware of and acknowledges

  • Teaching And Teaching : Effective Pedagogy

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    In order to discuss what I have learnt so far about effective pedagogy in science, the term pedagogy needs to be defined and the associated processes understood. The Oxford English Dictionary defines pedagogy as “The method and practice of teaching, especially as an academic subject or theoretical concept” (Oxford dictionary of English, 2010). I interpret this to mean that effective pedagogy is the teaching of an academic subject carried out in a way that is effective for the individual learner

  • Speech On Learner Centred Pedagogy

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    Learner-centred pedagogy We have been talking about child-centred or learner-centred pedagogy for the past well over 16 years; but even today our classroom practices mostly remain what they were 25 years ago. Large over-crowded classes, ill-trained and untrained teachers, poorly equipped classrooms, single teacher schools, and multi-grade teaching is some of the stark realities that severely restrict the use of learner-centred pedagogy. It is high time that we switch over from teacher-