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  • A Taste Of Russian Culture

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    A Taste of Russian Culture When it comes to being different, it can be difficult to manage people’s judgements. Whether someone has an accent, looks “Un-American” or has a name that is difficult to pronounce, it seems like a better solution to hide under a rock all day than to confront people with their harsh and quick judgements. Unfortunately, I had hit the golden trifecta, and because of this I had a rough childhood. At times, I felt like I wasn’t worthy enough to hang out with the “cool” American

  • What Are Stereotypes In Ukraine

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    It wasn’t until I entered school that I learned that sandwiches had two pieces of bread, not one. Tea sandwiches, borscht, and pelmeni are staples in my life. Although my Ukrainian heritage gave me substantial knowledge of the many uses of potatoes, it degraded my expectations of a future to nothing greater than a housewife. I am cultivated in a society where men and women have predetermined roles; men are the providers while women attend to children, meals, and housework. During the developing stages

  • Visiting a Middle Eastern Grocery Store

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    For this project I was planning to visit some kind of international or ethnic event such a festival or foreign holiday celebration. However, after spending couple hours of searching on google, unfortunately I was not able to find any kind of international activities around Denver area that were scheduled for the end of March. Trip to the any kind of church did not sound very entertaining and inspiring to me. I am not atheist and do believe that there is some kind of superstitious force or god out

  • My Identity And Cultural Identity

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    ¨Pereme-what? That is the weirdest and longest last name i've ever heard of! Where do people get last names like that?¨ My answer? Well, my grandfather is from Siberia, but my family just consider ourselves Russian. Actually not long ago my dad had told me about a city in Russia called Peremyshl, my great great grandparents, as I was told, are from there, Peremyshl is in the Kaluga Oblast near Moscow. And because of my ethnic background, I go to my church's youth, our youth really likes to go

  • Most Dangerous Game Summary

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    The Most Dangerous Game starts with “Sanger Rainsford steaming south to brazil to hunt jaguars in the amazon with a fellow hunter his friend named Whitney.” Rainsford is a heartless hunter, who hunts for sport with his fellow friend. They hear shots fired in the distance but his friend is on his way to bed and “Rainsford falls off the yacht, but saves himself by swimming to the rocky shore of a mysterious island. He knocks on the door of a huge mansion on the island. He is welcomed in as if he lives

  • Russian And American Lives : Russia

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    Russian and American Lives The world around us has yet to realize the comparable lives between Russia’s and America’s life styles. There are many differences between Russian and American cultural life, such as their defining and histories. Russia, also known as Russian Federation, is the largest country in the world. It is made up of 9 various time zones and shares its land borders with 14 neighboring countries. America, known as the United States of America, is only the third-largest country

  • Personal Narrative-Why Are We Moving To Australia?

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    RECOUNT: IMPATIENCE 'Mu-um, I just want to go now! Why can't we leave?' I groaned at the top of my lungs as only a five year old can. I could already see my mum's facial expression twisting into one of regret. She definitely shouldn't have told me. 'Why are we moving to Australia? Wait ... where is it?' I exclaimed louder than I should have. 'Somewhere far away and safe.' My mother just wanted to get out of here. Apparently, the political revolution of 2004 was enough to put mum off having her

  • How Russian Culture Has Changed My Life

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    the heart of my semi-Russian experience there are four foods that seem to best capture the ideal Russian dishes. • Aspic gelatin • Cow tongue • Hunter bacon • Cabbage roll Now of course I could go on with lots a delicious Russian dishes such as pelmeni, and shuba, and blin, and oh my gosh I complete forgot to have lunch. Each of those dishes gives a better