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  • Pennsylvania American Architecture

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    Brianna Jerdan May 11, 2017 Pennsylvania German Architecture Pennsylvania German architecture is very unique to Southeastern, Pennsylvania. It spread through Pennsylvania; however, it is most prominent where it originated in Southeast, Pennsylvania. Most homesteads consist of a main house, along with domestic outbuildings. A domestic outbuilding is “an auxiliary building on a property, and one that is functionally associated with the domestic aspect of the homestead, that is, with the work and other

  • Pittsburgh Pennsylvania Essay

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    Pittsburgh Pennsylvania “ The Big Little City,” also commonly know as the city of Pittsburgh, is one of the largest cites in the state of Pennsylvania. With over 144 square kilometers of land area, and approximately seven square kilometers of surface water (Pittsburgh Pennsylvania), the city of Pittsburgh is large by anyone’s standard. The city, which is located in western Pennsylvania, has a very diverse geography which sets it apart from many other cities in the United States. Pittsburgh and

  • Essay on The Shawnee Tribe in Central Pennsylvania

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    The Shawnee Tribe in Central Pennsylvania His name is Wautheeweela. It means Bright Horn, referring to horns on a deer. He is ten years old, and ready to make his journey to prove his manhood. He and other boys from his Shawnee tribe have been physically toughened and taught to be independent since an age of around six. In winters, they have had to break the ice to jump into the freezing river to continue their daily routine of learning to survive with Nature and its elements. Now will be his

  • American History Without A Mention Of Pennsylvania

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    study American history without a mention of Pennsylvania. The state is central in American history not only because of its location on the East Coast, but also for the long duration of time that Europeans have inhabited Pennsylvania. Always central to early American history, Pennsylvania was of the first American colonies, birthed many of the founding fathers, and even housed Philadelphia, the first capital of the United States. Furthermore, Pennsylvania had many of America’s firsts, such as the first

  • Pennsylvania Musical Arts

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    Central Pennsylvania, and specifically, the Harrisburg area, is full of many potentially bright minds who unfortunately can’t always find the right place with people who will nurture and encourage them. Plagued with the common national problem of an overpopulation of students paired with an understaffing of teachers, many of these minds go by without anyone to guide them in the right direction. As a result, intelligence that could be used to better the world around us is directed toward darker things

  • The Government Structure Of The State Of Pennsylvania

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    The Government of Pennsylvania is the government structure of the state of Pennsylvania as established by the Pennsylvania Constitution. The Pennsylvania General Assembly is the state legislature of Pennsylvania. The legislature meets in the Capitol building in Harrisburg. The General Assembly is a bicameral legislature. The name of the legislative branch in Pennsylvania is the PA General Assembly. Pennsylvania has 253 members in total. 50 are in the senate “the upper house” the other 200 are in

  • Transportation On Pennsylvania State Campus

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    Transportation on Pennsylvania State campus, via bicycle, has always been an option for students and faculty since 1855. However, the university 150 years ago was different considering the size of the campus and student body. In 1863, and later years, the classes totalled a measly 64 undergraduates, while in 2016 more than 40,000 students make up each undergraduate level. Every year this number increases making university park a more crowded area in every regard from housing to congestion of sidewalks

  • The Beginnings of Oakmont Pennsylvania

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    men settled in present day Oakmont. The land was offered for thirteen cents per acre and a buyer could establish a claim to a tract by having it surveyed. The purchase price did not have to be paid until a patent for the tract was obtained from Pennsylvania and patenting could be deferred which encouraged land speculation rather than settlement. From 1769 to 1787 George Croghan, John Baird, William Maris, David Mcfee, and John Woods established claims to tracts encompassing all of present day Oakmont

  • Why I Want to Study Law at University of Pennsylvania Essay

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    With all of these attributes, my brain is practically hardwired for law-- and the University of Pennsylvania has the right

  • Essay on Contemporary Uses: The Pennsylvania State Capitol

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    Contemporary Uses: The Pennsylvania State Capitol Pennsylvania has a wide variety of beautiful historical buildings that reflect many different styles of architecture. They include historical homes, unique covered bridges, government buildings, and breathtaking churches. Some of Pennsylvania’s most recognized examples of great architecture are Frank Lloyd Wright’s “Fallingwater” and The Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts located in Philadelphia. However, the one building that I think of when