People from San Francisco, California

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  • Wooden Fish Songs by Ruthanne Lum McCunn Essay

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    immigrant who gives up his country and family to pursue his passion for botany. Three women that knew him the best narrate Lue Gim Gong's story from three distinct cultures and three distinct points of view. They include his mother Sum Jui, his teacher Fanny Burlingame, and a friend that he makes named Sheba. Their contrasting perspectives are carefully interwoven from chapter to chapter. Lue, however, never gets a voice throughout the book; this makes Lue Gim Gong's life even more puzzling than it already

  • Themes In A Visit From The Goon Squad

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    Time, like a river flows in a set direction and once past no amount of nostalgia is capable of reversing its course. Just as it is impossible to reverse the passage of time, it is impossible to retain a past identity. Jennifer Egan’s novel, a Visit from the Goon Squad, is a collection of short stories that each have a distinct voice and style. Although each chapter can stand alone, they are bound together by thematic elements and a complex web of relationships centered around Bennie Salazar a music

  • Analysis Of Lou Kline In A Visit From The Goon Squad

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    that jumps between periods of time and interchanges multiple characters, Lou Kline is one of the only consistent elements throughout the entirety of A Visit From the Goon Squad by Jennifer Egan. Lou is first portrayed hostily as a abhorrent, egocentric man who fears growing older. In the next chapter, the reader’s perception of Lou is altered from a sleazy man to a more paternal figure, and the reader understands that while Lou has done despicable things, he is not completely immoral. Altered again

  • Calfornia Gold Rush in San Francisco Essay

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    California Gold Rush The California Gold Rush one of the biggest events in the U.S History. The Gold Rush was when gold was found by James .W. Marshall in 1848 in San Francisco, California. When this happened, emotions sparked in San Francisco (main site for the Gold Rush). The word spread so quickly that people from all around the Unites States flooded into San Francisco and causing overpopulation(“California Gold Rush”). In 6 years during the Gold Rush, the population increased by almost 36

  • Mexican Gold Rush History

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    The Gold Rush (1848-1855) The Bay of San Francisco became the objective of ships bounds for the Pacific Coast, and in the 1840s a center of periodic trade. Upon the time of the Gold Rush, San Francisco was a regional rather than an urban designation- the settlement was still called Yerba Buena (Vance, 1964, p. 6). In 1848, James Marshall and John Sutter discovered gold near the American River located near Sacramento, California. Both Marshall and Sutter tried to keep the discovery of a gold a secret

  • San Francisco Gold Rush

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    How the Gold Rush Established San Francisco On January 24, 1848, gold was discovered in Coloma, California. The discovery drove over hundreds of thousands people of all ethnic backgrounds to America’s west coast. Prior to the Gold Rush, California was dominated by Mexican rancheros and Native Americans. President Polk had a vision for Americans to expand westward. Polk believed that America could span coast to coast and saw the Gold Rush as the perfect opportunity to achieve his goal of manifest

  • Women of the Gold Rush

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    identities and pretend to be men. This is what women in California had to do in the 1800’s to early 1900’s. Many women came to California to work as prostitutes or entertainers during the 1850’s (Women). However, there were still many women in San Francisco who were very influential and leave an everlasting impression on the city. Women such as Lillie Hitchcock Coit, Isadora Duncan, and Mary Ellen Pleasant were all very important people living in San Francisco during the 1800’s to 1900’s, and were able to

  • Vacations In California

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    Many people will go on vacations to get away from their own lives and take a break from work, stress, and giving them time to relax. When someone goes on vacation, they have a lot to plan and many things to do. Another reason why people go on vacation is for the scenery. Most places people go to for vacation is something they do not have in their own town or near them, so most of the time people go to places that are out of their comfort zone. “San Francisco, California tourism reached record numbers

  • The California Earthquake

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    California Earthquakes California’s unique geography as a state makes it a very appealing place to call home. From the odd east to west transverse San Gabriel mountain ranges of the Los Angeles Basin, to the bumpy coastal ranges of the Bay Area, any person can find a compatible topographic terrain to their liking. California may seem to be the perfect place to live with its ideal climate and extensive geographic features. However, due to California’s location over the shifting continental plates

  • Causes Of San Francisco Earthquake

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    San Francisco is a mountainous city in northern California with a population of approximately 805,000 people, who are under the constant threat of tectonic natural disasters [1]. An estimated 10,000 earthquakes, holding a magnitude of 1.5 or above occur annually in California, with 387 of them centered in the northern region of San Francisco [2]. The Californian earthquake of April 18, 1906 was one of the deadliest natural disasters of all time, carrying an estimated moment magnitude of 7.8 and an