Pequot War

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  • Causes Of The Pequot War

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    The Pequot War started in 1636 and ended in 1637. The war consisted of the Pequot people and a coalition of English settlers from the Massachusetts Bay. It was a brutal war and was the first sustained conflict between Native Americans and Europeans in northeastern North America.       The primary cause of the Pequot War was the struggle to control trade. The Dutch brought on economic, political, and cultural changes when they arrived on Long Island and in the Connecticut River valley at the beginning

  • The Causes Of The Pequot War

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    The Pequot War was a salient event, as it influenced the political and economic landscape of the New World in a drastic way. The Pequot War was the first sustained conflict amongst Europeans and Native Americans. This event certainly wasn’t going to be the last of its kind; according to Schultz (2010), “The blood shed during the Pequot War foreshadowed the dark nature of Indian-colonist relations that was just over the horizon.” (Page. 41) The fuel for this war was mainly noted to derive from

  • Causes Of The Pequot War

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    The Pequot War began primarily because of a struggle to control trade. The Pequot- Dutch control of trade in the land started in the 1620s. " By 1635, the Pequot had extended their control through a tributary confederacy of dozens of tribes created through coercion, warfare, diplomacy and intermarriage." (, 2017) While the Dutch and Pequot tribes controlled all trade in the land, the was a short time of stability, but the arrival of English traders and settler shifted the balance of

  • Causes Of The Pequot War

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    economic status; these were reasons for the Pequot War. July 1636 through September 1638 was the timeframe, and it was the English who wanted the trade and the Pequot Indians who wanted to keep their status. The war was the first big war fought against New England settlers and the Pequot Indians. “The primary cause of the Pequot War was the struggle to control trade. English efforts were to break the Dutch-Pequot control of the fur and wampum trade, while the Pequot attempted to maintain their political

  • Causes Of The Pequot War

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    In the year of 1637, a war broke out in the Massachusetts Bay area against, mainly, the Pequot Indian tribe and the English Puritans. There were a multitude of valid reasons for the starting of this war between two varied groups of people. It, as stated by Katherine A. Grandjean was a, “brutal, total war,” one that “[defies] short description” (Grandjean, 2011). Consider the sudden changes in the economy, politics, and culture to get an idea as to why this war began. The Europeans entered a world

  • Causes Of The Pequot War

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    “Pequot War, war fought in 1636–37 by the Pequot people against a coalition of English settlers from the Massachusetts Bay.” (McBride 2016) The Pequot war, in short, was a brutal and bloody series of wars between the Pequot tribe and other tribes who sided with the Europeans. Like many wars that are fought today, this one was fought for power. Before the war, the Pequot tribe had controlled several nearby tribes to control area’s fur and wampum trade. The Pequot used a means necessary to gain power

  • Pequot War Causes And Consequences

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    The Pequot War, its Origins, Events and its Consequences Hallie N. Wilson Bethel University The Pequot Tribe and the English The Pequots are a native tribe from South Eastern Connecticut. They traveled for hunting and gathering during spring and summer when it was warmer. During the Winter, they stayed cozied up in their villages. They first met the English in 1660 and the movement caused many problems between the two people. In fact, the first contact between the English and Pequot tribe

  • Native American Indians And Native Americans : The Pequot War

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    The Pequot War was the first brutal war on the North American continent, and the first war fought between the Native Americans and the English settlers. The whole war began, because the Englishmen, like always, became greedy and wanted more land and more profitable trade. The homeland of the Pequot tribe, was modern day Connecticut. The tribe had an estimated population of 2,200 members, and they based their everyday lives off of maize, hunting, and even fishing (Pequot, 2012). For a period of time

  • Cause Of The Pequot War

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    The Pequot War The Pequot War was a very bloody war during the early colonial period of the Americas and had a great effect on the Americas. However, it is what happened before the Pequot War that truly gives light to why it happened. Before the war, the New England colonies were expanding greatly, and this thusly caused the colonists to come into conflict with the indigenous people of the Americas (Meuwese, 2011). Preparing for a battle with the indigenous peoples, John Winthrop had prepared the

  • The Pequot Warriors In The Vietnam War

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    Warriors who managed to escape the one hundred English warriors in the beginning were later surrounded again. Once surrounded, the war fully began and lasted approximately twenty four hours and was the most gruesome out of all the other wars they had before because in this battle the Pequots used firearms back against the English. In the morning on July 14th, some of the Pequot Warriors managed to get past the English who had surrounded the swamp, though many died during this attempt, some survived and