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  • Essay on Percentile and Disc Assignment Personal

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    GM548 PREPARATION GUIDE: DISC Assignment Personal Styles Analysis: The AMA DISC SurveyTM INTRODUCTION: The DISC Survey is designed to measure four basic styles of behavior. Those are Directing, Influencing, Supportive, and Contemplative. Each style has strong points, and possible weaknesses, to an individual’s effectiveness. The survey materials will show both productive aspects of each of the four styles, as well as counterproductive aspects. Take the DISC Survey online using the

  • Microeconomic Theory

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    courses. I believe that a curve is ultimately the fairest way to determine grades, since it does not set some arbitrary absolute standard, but judges students on their performance relative to their peers. With a curve, your grade is based on your percentile rank in the class, i.e., the percentage of students in

  • Motion Picture Industry

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    Total Gross Sales ($millions) | Number of Theaters | Weeks in Top 60 | Mean | 9.37 | 33.04 | 1277.94 | 8.68 | Median | 4.00 | 5.85 | 410.00 | 7.00 | Mode | 0.04 | N/A | 202.00 | 1.00 | 80th percentile | 16.82 | 55.96 | 3121.00 | 15.00 | 25th percentile | 0.07 | 0.39 | 45.50 | 3.00 | 75th percentile | 12.46 | 47.56 | 2679 | 13.00 | Minimum | 0.01 | 0.03 | 5.00 | 1.00 | Maximum | 108.44 | 380.18 | 3910.00 | 27.00 | Range | 108.43 | 380.15 | 3905.00 | 26.00 | Variance | 356.25 | 3989

  • Learning And Study Strategies Inventory ( Lassi ) Test

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    The LASSI is a crucial component in its prime for the developing student who strives to be the best they can be in many aspects of academic work ethic. The LASSI as a whole notes these aspects and evaluates a student based on their thoughts and actions towards said aspect(s). This diagnostic is supposed to structure students to perform at their best ability and manipulate their habits to ultimately work for them and their peers. Not only does the Learning and Study Strategies Inventory (LASSI) Test

  • Research Method

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    Question 2 Part (a) Table 1; Data Summary ∑f=80 Calculations The sample arithmetic mean x ̅=( ∑▒〖(MI)×f〗)/(∑▒f) =1535/80=19.19 The median x ̅ =〖 L〗_(1 )+( (N/2-∑▒〖fmed )×c〗)/fmed =15+((40-27))/((22))×5 = 15 + 2.95 = 17.95 〖 L〗_(1 )=Lower class limit of the median N=Total Frequency ∑▒█(fmed )=Sum of the frequencies of classes below the median class@) fmed =Frequency of the median class c=Width of the median class The mode (X ) ̂=〖 L〗_(1 )+ (f_(0-f_1 )/(2 f_0-f_(1

  • Analyzing The Data Of Data

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    pooled data. Splunk central receiver receives variety of data from many different ports and displays them as events on a single server. From one place, one can be able to access the log files in any of the web servers of the business, all the databases, routers, load balancers, and firewalls from all the companies’ operating systems. All the logs and configuration files can be accessed and analyzed, as well all from one device. 3.7 Conversion of data into answers Splunk is used to analyze the data

  • Negotiating a Starting Salary Essay

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    closest resembles yours. Account Representative was selected. Now at this point there are two options: a Basic Report, and a Premium Salary Report. A Basic Report was done and the results were pretty accurate. 25th percentile was $22,214, median was $27,479, and 75th percentile was $33,330. This student has been an Account Representative in Cleveland for three years and is right around the median in this salary range. For those who are serious about negotiating a salary a Premium Salary

  • The Age Specific Physical Assessment Essay

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    1. Discuss the age specific physical assessment/s properly completed this week. State techniques you used in completing the physical assessment of your patient. Often these techniques will differ from an examination of an adult. * Prior to performing A.’s physical assessment, I gathered information over her diagnosis tonsillectomy, adenoidectomy, and vitiligo and any passed medical problems to be aware of. I then introduced myself to A. and her family and asked her if she wanted her grandparents

  • Math Anxiety and Efficacy Scores

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    Students often struggle with the learning of math concepts; a love-hate relationship has existed for decades between math and students as they know they need to understand and have a sound foundation of math skills, yet, they toil to reach a proficiency level and fall short of their goal. This lack of confidence and anxiety in learning math concepts has created a lack of self-efficacy among math learners, which fosters a reduction in a desire to learn and use math skills. As education changes at

  • Case Study

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    Case Study Hector E. Hernandez National University In partial fulfillment of the requirement for TED 621 B Dr. Teresa J. Johnson March 30, 2012 CASE STUDY TEMPLATE Name of NU Student ____Hector E. Hernandez______________________ Child’s Name ___Miguel_______ Child’s grade level ___3rd ____________ A. Student Strengths and Weaknesses The Data that has been collected, read, and analysis was to determine Miguel’s strengths and challenges (weaknesses). According to Miguel’s