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  • Analysis of Live Performances

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    This paper will concentrate on the analysis and the review of three major performances, Missa Mirabilis, Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini, Op.43 and Dona Nobis Pacem. These pieces of performances are generally based on a religious setting of the several regions that the very detailed and are represented in a very organized way. To begin, Missa Mirabilis is a piece that was celebrated at the Westminster Cathedral for the feast of Corpus Christi on the 10th of June, 2007. This gave a new setting of

  • Drama Performance Analysis

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    Unlike Cardinal Stage, BPP has their own venue, and in my opinion, it is a very nice venue space for theatrical productions. They only focus on new plays and generally received around 1,000 plays in total for both drama and comedy. They use volunteer script readers to help them at selecting those plays. Our guest speaker is David Sheehan, he shared his personal experience of working with BPP. He told us that he started to be a volunteer script reader five or six years ago, and he enjoyed working

  • Dance Performance Analysis Essay

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    Dance performance Analysis Acceptance The performers danced to uplifting and complementing words. The messages were a mixture of parents of the performers and other students themselves. Having genuine compliments intensified the self-love message of the dance. In addition to the selection of music, the choreography also expanded on acceptance. The dancers had mini solos, but after they finished their mini solo, they became background support for the solos after their own. The dancers’ dance moves

  • My Fourth Performance Analysis

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    My fourth performance will be a group performance that focuses on the story of Julio, from the book Underground America: Narratives of Undocumented Lives. Julio is an immigrant that tries to cross the border seven times, and on the eighth time he goes through terrible circumstances only to make it through the desert alive. My group will try to use theories of Conquergood, Pollock, and Bell, while keeping in mind the second learning objective in order to execute Julio’s story properly. We’ve taken

  • When The Wolves Performance Analysis

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    Award winning performance “When the Wolves came in”, directed by Kyle Abraham1, succeeded to evoke emotion, strive for opening up important conversations, and most importantly, created a powerful narrative towards his personal mission to share stories. The chosen elements of music, positive space in bodily contact, and stylistic dance were the aspects of this performance which contributed the most towards his narrative. After shared experiences with students who saw this performance, it seems pertinent

  • Textual Analysis Of Dance Performance

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    On Tuesday October 21, 2015, our Introduction to Modern class went to Harrisburg Area Community College to watch the Rioult Dance NY perform four dance pieces using musical works of founder, Pascal Rioult, in the Rose Lehrman Arts Center. The duration of the program was 7:30- 9 p.m. The particular piece that I found the most captivating was “City” choreographed by Pascal Rioult and performed by Catherine Cooch, Corinna Lee Nicholson, Michael Spencer Phillips, and Sabatino A. Verlezza. This piece

  • Micro Celebrity Performance Analysis

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    their stage, and their YouTube channel becomes their exhibition for these performances. This act of performing can further be analyzed through the work of authors in the realm of Performance and Performativity Studies, such as Richard Schechner, Erving Goffman and Bernie Hogan. Richard Schechner defines performance as an act that can be reheard and reacted, however in the world of affinity based SNSs like YouTube, performance entails a much broader definition and impact. Bernie Hogan in The Presentation

  • Performance Analysis : Performance Management Essay

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    Annual performance reviews are not an effective form of performance management system to measure the employee’s performance because they can be biased, waste of managerial time, too sporadic to make a lasting impact, and can affect the employee’s behavior. All companies strive to be successful at meeting their company goals in a time efficient manner. As time goes on, companies are realizing the key to a successful business is happy employees. Companies must experiment with new methods to find the

  • Performance Analysis: Jessica Lang Dance

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    Mellon Foundation created the company called Jessica Lang Dance. The company established since 1996 as Juilliard Dance Ensemble as their first showcase named Left. The company produced works that is being created by Jessica Lang herself, plus many performances from other groups as well, incorporated into the show. Lang is considered a master of visual composition, she “transforms from a classical ballet language into artfully crafted, emotionally engaging contemporary works” (Dance Magazine). She has

  • Observation And Theatrical Performance Analysis: Stomp Play

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    The performance that I observed, was a theatrical performance group called “Stomp”. This group doesn’t narrate a play, but it does narrate an artistic performance that takes the audience on a journey. This group portrays a great amount of energy throughout their performance while using their body and everyday items to create a special type of rhythms and energizing beats. It’s a mix of dance, music, and theatrical performance combined to create one electrifying beat. I couldn’t find a scene where