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  • The Performing Arts : The Importance Of The Performing Arts

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    First and foremost, the Performing Arts isn’t what many peole think. The Performing Arts are esencially a form of creativity performed in front of thr audience. It can reflect society, or it can be random. The only thing that matters, is that its creative. Also, the performing arts must be in real time and at a theater. The word theater was derived from the Greek word “Theatron” whch means seeing. Many thinkk a theate is refined to just one place or building. A theater is any location with an audience

  • Contributions To The Performing Arts

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    Innovations and Contributions of the United States to the Performing Arts The innovations and contributions of theatre and television over the centuries have changed the world of performing arts forever. These revolutionary changes and gifts to the performing arts occurred in the United States. Contributions of theatre guild, the Shubert brothers, and Native Americans shaped theatre. Philo Taylor Farnsworth, public broadcasting, and MTV are part of the contributions and innovations of television

  • The Performance Of The Performing Arts

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    The performing arts give and enhance many traits in a person’s life. Students involved in theater prepares students for later-in-life experiences. Participation also makes people feel a certain belonging to society. Students learn new skills: increased intelligence, and the ability to connect and read others’ emotions. Participation in the performing arts gives people experience, the feeling of belonging, and new skills. Firstly, students participating in theater gain experiences for later

  • The Importance Of Performing Arts

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    and which eliminated the performing arts programs, which came into play to focus the government funds on programs that seem more important like the courses identified as STEM. The majority of taxpayers support the claim that performing arts is subjected to be none beneficial to the participating students which is a problem to the community because instead taxpayers are demanding that the government taxes should be focused on the STEM core classes. The lack of performing arts is damaging to the students

  • Oklahoma Performing Arts, Inc. Essay

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    Mission Statement: Oklahoma Performing Arts, Inc. has the mission that every individual deserves the opportunity to empower and develop his or her character through classical arts training and community service programs and presentations. Please provide a brief overview of your organization (250 words). Oklahoma Performing Arts, Inc. (OPA) began its nonprofit roots in 1996. OPA has the unique setting of being a place for all. We provide a positive space for organizations to meet, to create and

  • Concert At The Pennfield Performing Arts Center

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    On Thursday, May 26, 2016, I attended the Pennfield Choral Concert at the Pennfield Performing Arts Center, in Pennfield Michigan. The theme of this choral concert was Pop Rocks, which was a compilation of popular and rock and roll songs, including songs from the 70s and 80s to the present. There were also songs featuring specific choirs, such as the composition Girl Power, which featured the Women’s Choir. This was an evening full of medleys with unique twists that made the concert quite entertaining

  • An Intimate View of a Performing Arts Center Essay

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    An Intimate View of a Performing Arts Center Audience: My audience will be any adult or mature teenager who enjoys attending plays and/or concerts in a theater or playhouse. The Performing Arts Center at the University of South Alabama is an ideal auditorium for watching a play or concert because of the intimacy one feels with the stage and the players upon it. A good view of the stage is never lost within the comfortable seating of the theatre and the great acoustics, lighting and overall

  • Essay on The Language of Performing Arts

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    The Language of Performing Arts “The thing about performance, even if it's only an illusion, is that it is a celebration of the fact that we do contain within ourselves infinite possibilities” I have always thought that performance is about showing situation/emotions that others can only dream about, when acting you are living/creating the life, if only for a moment of infinite number of possibilities, the above quotes sums up my view perfectly. The Idea of creating

  • Essay on Performing Dark Arts

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    practices and semiotics in an increasingly globalised world. Non-text based performances provide both beneficial and critical elements when compared to text-based performances and this will be analysed and demonstrated with the example of ‘performing the dark arts’. The will ensue performances of ritualised purposes, conjuring shows, illusionary performances, stage trickery and what is identified as ‘magic’ (more-so than supernatural phenomenon or witchcraft) in order to theorise how non-text based

  • Non Profit Performing Arts And Development World

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    music at the collegiate level and also having been a student council member for the Penn State Center for the Performing Arts, I can fully understand the critical role of the sponsors and the inner mechanisms that run these organizations. My motivation to fill this need within the non-profit performing arts and development world is exactly what is leading me to pursue a graduate degree in arts administration from a nationally recognized university. I see myself being placed in roles of management and