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    In the article” we are from wilderness” by Chrisna Byck the author believe that humans have evolved with the wilderness just as we have evolved living in cave. She argues that as we evolved as a society we are becoming distant and starting to lose the connection we have with the wilderness because of technology. Therefore, we do not see the important of the wilderness and how valuable it is to us. I absolutely agree with Byck I believe our generation do not play much attention to nature because

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    A Mercy by Toni Morrison divulges about wilderness and its unstructured ruling in society. It alludes again and again throughout the text that it is a bad thing because of its heavily negative connotation to it when discussed by others, such as the Blacksmith. Florence does not seem to understand it but she believes it’s negative at the beginning, however, after much character development her she accept the wilderness to be a part of herself. Her wild nature is the result of uncivilized upbringing

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