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  • The History Behind Torture And Why It Should Not Be Utilized

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    hesitation to a simple yes or no to a drawn out excuse. This is a minor case of interrogation, where the suspected person is questioned for information. In a more extreme situation, the government uses this method, called torture, on people suspected of committing a crime. The only difference here is that the suspect is not necessarily interrogated about jewelry; instead, the person could be asked about vital information that is crucial to a current operation, concerning the lives of innocent people

  • Forensic Psychology On Psychological Issues And Situations

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    Meaghan Hill Hostile and Confused Forensic psychology focuses on psychological issues and situations in the law, through the law, and of the law. Professionals in this field use their expertise with human behaviors and motivations to provide assessment services for the courts and may also consult in criminal investigations. An important psychological skill that is used in ongoing investigations and in many criminal settings is the ability to talk with people in different types of crisis situations

  • Prevention of Employee Theft Essay

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    Prevention of Employee Theft Why do employees feel free to steal? Most employee theft occurs because it is too easy. What can a company do to prevent employee theft? What should a company do to employee thieves? The following paragraphs summarize a few ideas. Employee theft is a crime that is costing U.S. companies a great deal of money. Employee thefts are growing in number, partially because the perpetrators really do not see themselves as criminals and rationalize what they are doing

  • Project 3 Photo Spread Analysis Essay

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    Ethan Ray CCJS 234 Project Three Photo Spread Analysis 28 June 2015 Subject: Dennis arrested for stealing. Memorandum: A young woman named Vicky was at the mall where she had her purse stolen from her by a white male. The only description that Vicky can give to the police is that the assailant was a white male, “approximately 25 to 35 years old, tall, perhaps close to six feet, somewhat stocky. She recalls him as having dark blond hair and does not recollect facial hair.” (UMUC, 2015)

  • South Africa Is a Sick Nation

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    1. Comments in Jansen words saying South Africa is a sick nation: I agree, because according to Jansen: • We burn down and break down:  Every time there is a problem people doesn’t like to wait for negotiations with the government but they just burn the properties of the state and all the important assets for service delivery and equipment.  If people strike they burn cars, hospitals, police stations and they forget that tomorrow they will need those things that is why I agree with Jansen that

  • What Are The Five Elements Of Housebreaking

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    1.4 Elements of housebreaking In South African law, housebreaking consists of five elements. These elements are a crucial part of the crime, the reason is simple: all of the elements must be present in order for a perpetrator to be guilty of housebreaking with the intent to commit a crime. 1.4.1 Breaking Breaking refers to a perpetrator that displaces some obstruction, which forms part of the premises, in order to create an entry onto that premises. Breaking can take effect when a lock, window

  • Cja sig paper

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    CJA Signature Assignment 1. Scenario: You are the first responding officer to a “dead body” call.  The body is located on a dirt road in a remote area that can be best described as “desert terrain.”  As you approach the crime scene in your patrol vehicle, you notice the body lying in the middle of the road.  Around the body are numerous large rocks and bushes.  You also notice the following in and around the crime scene: Footprints Tire tracks Personal belongings of the victim strewn about

  • Dna Testing And The Criminal Justice System

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    Convictions prior to the advancement of DNA testing in the criminal justice system were commonly found to be later wrongful and due to eyewitness misidentification (Scheck & Neufeld, 2001). Hence, there has been increasing research by psychologists in eyewitness memory and particularly in line up practices. In criminal identification, a simultaneous line up (SIM) is typically used and involves presenting the witness with all line-up suspects at once with the offender (target) placed amongst other

  • A Short Story : The Story Of Reveille

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    On beautiful morning day the sky is blue, a gentle breeze passes by and a freshly cut grass, motivates the perfect chance to walk Reveille. As the cadet goes to grab the leash it makes Reveille jump with excitement, but not knowing the danger that awaits. As Reveille sets of for her daily walk a bike comes in out of nowhere colliding with Reveille injuring her allowing her perpetrator to runs away from the scene, the cadet tries to catch him but only manages to grab his notebook. The hunt for Reveille

  • The Jonbenet Case And The Six Year Old Beauty Queen

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    properly secure the scene and the immediate vicinity around it. If a crime scene is properly secured unnecessary disturbance and contamination of the evidence is reduced. Immediately after the scene is secured an entry log is kept to account for any person who is inside or is wanting to go inside. Shoe impressions may be asked for comparison if any latent shoeprints are found. However, this protocol was not observed in the murder of JonBenet. The scene was left unsecured, and individuals were entering