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  • Into The Wild Personal Response

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    Into the Wild a story that gave a life event and a deranged experience. I personally believe no one would want to experience what Mcandless went through ever. Unless of course they like to be lonely like sir and have " freedom." like McCandless himself. Even then I would still think people out in this world would not want to live what he went through, So frightened to know you prefer being alone with no ones help. To come to think that freedom does exist and you'll have it one day but, will you really

  • Response To The Scaffles-Personal Narrative

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    Note 2. A cascade of striking old images and memories are stealing my sleep, old-but-new (and fresh) memories increasingly arising from a past I didn’t recognize twenty-something years ago. Most of the old you already have heard of, the ones that, with your help, I left in your office I don’t know how many times. The old-but-new are fresh and painful – the ones I collected throughout the time since I made the decision to follow my husband and move to California, to leave my country, my community

  • The Most Dangerous Game Personal Response

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    Imagine you are walking into a library. You pick up a book and start reading the summary. You notice that the character’s life is very similar to what you are experiencing at home, at school, and in your personal life. The character is also similar to you in behavior. What you probably don't know is that what you are relating is characterization, conflict, and narration. I have experienced this too while I read and because of that I can say that literature and life are connected through characterization

  • Coaching Personal Response

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    Personal Response Gary Collins provides a plethora of valuable information for individuals in pursuit of life coaching. The presented literature provides clear and concrete information that easy to apply to practice. I think the most influential information that Collins describes is the process of growth and the role of the coach. Tony Stoltzfus states, “Coaching is helping people learn instead of teaching them” (As seen in Collins, 2009, p. 19). Coaches are the individuals who walk through

  • Personal Response to creation

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    Personal Response Creation Lenses by Leah Silverman The main theme is humans can find it emotionally difficult to conform to society, but usually end up doing so. The meaning of this theme is that we all want to do things that are practical to society even if it feels wrong in our hearts.The main driving component which draws people too conformity are the desire to be accepted in certain status groups. People fear that if they do not conform to society, they will be

  • Night Personal Response

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    “Night” by Elie Wiesel – Personal Responses Chapter 1 • Moché the Beadle’s story is very disturbing. He had experienced horrible atrocities and risked his life to warn his fellow townspeople. However, the latter did not believe him yet alone listen to him. They called him the madman. This passage is hard for the reader, who knows what is going to happen to the Jews later on (situational irony). Moché was also foreshadowing what was going to happen to the Jews. This warning also brings about the

  • Apa Personal Response

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    Question 1: Rebecca, you do seem quite depressed today thinking about your family’s support of your efforts in college. There are just few things I would ask we explore today. As a MSW 1st semester student the workload is intentionally heavy. It is quite natural, and I think most of your classmates would agree, to feel overwhelmed by the course work. Have you explored these feeling and have your discussed the workload with your fellow classmates? Could there be some additional pressure, as the

  • Odb Personal Response

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    Every day I stand near the garbage compactor and watch pounds and pounds of produce go down the garbage hole never eaten for many reasons. Some produce is simply too ugly for customers to want to consume, for example like a deformed bell pepper, a bent cucumber, a freckled banana. Some produce is gently bruised like an apple that was pressed a little too hard or a tomato that was bruised from customers “testing” it for juiciness. So much produce that has little to nothing wrong with it is simply

  • Beastly Personal Response

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    The book “Beastly” by Alex Finn is about a boy name Kyle Kingsbury he was a teenager living a normal life. He so popular until one day he asked this girl to the dance. The girl said yes when though he already had a date to the dance he was trying to be jerks because she was ugly. His flower that his maid bought was different from what he wanted were white. 2 Petals fell off it. The day of the dance came, he called her out and tried to make fun of her, but it didn’t work,she ran out the door and

  • Personal Response To Bessie

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    I feel the same way Bessie did when she said she didn't understand why she would would hear these white people were doing such terrible things to black people. See i'm known for being a flower child, advocating love even if means rebelling against what society wants, I view all lives as equal and I dont discriminate for someone's race, gender, sexualtiy, their background, etc.. Thats not to say I didn't grow up hearing about it like bessie did, and like Bessie, I still hear it today. I’ve just always