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  • Short Story : A Personal Story

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    My mother destroyed her life with addiction but it would be a mistake to say I did not grasp the immense love in her actions. Throughout her turmoil, I began to appreciate the conduct of person rather than their words. I've received a phantom of a father, his words appear on Facebook timeline: _Merry Christmas to my kids and My Grandson. Dad Loves You and Miss You_. I can be honest and say his quick intention is to shroud the immense absence, the unfulfilling yet continually provoking hole, that

  • Personal Essay : My Story : A Story Of My Life

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    life isn't fair and c'est la vie ; so when "Life" happened to me, I never made it my business to tell my story; to seek help ,attention , or love because of my circumstances. I simply rolled with the punches and never let the outside world see me sweat. Instead I would come home and write; write my thoughts , fears, desires , goals , and regrets. I will admit when I saw the option to tell MY STORY, I could only think of the one I never told before. You see; I've always been the type to speak nothing

  • Short Stories : Personal Responsibility

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    world? The short stories I read help me think about the world around me and enlighten my understanding of my personal responsibility to others. First, these short stories show personal responsibility by describing to what degree we are responsible for the weaker or oppressed members of society. Second, the short stories I read helped me think about to what extent should we be driven by personal responsibility to act with compassion, empathy, and concern for others. Finally, short stories exemplify how

  • Personal Narrative: My Adoption Story

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    not in my deck of cards, but it did play out in my favor in the long run nonetheless. My adoption story has inspired me to become a person who only wants to show appreciation for those around me. The first time that a parent takes their child to Disney World is supposed to be a magical experience with giggles and a photo album filled with pictures from meeting the real Mickey Mouse up close and personal no matter how

  • Personal Experience : The Most Important Story Of My Life

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    and my hands were shaking from weakness, I managed to talk clearly and walk firm steps. I pretended to listen to people but there was a voice screaming inside my head. I didn’t discuss it with anyone, and I won’t do it now, as I feel it is not my story to tell, but a few days after learning about it, as nothing had apparently changed in what my life looked like from the outside, I began to doubt my own mind and memory. Had I simply dreamt or imagined it? Could I possibly hope for it not be true?

  • Personal choices are very important in one’s life. The stories that will be compared are, “The Use

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    Personal choices are very important in one’s life. The stories that will be compared are, “The Use of Force”, by William Carlos Williams and “Lather and Nothing Else”, by Hernando Tellez. It is how the protagonists deal with a situation and how they use their intellectual thinking to deal with the situation. However, personal choices can change the outcome of a conflict, which will either be insightful or pessimistic. People make their own personal choices in everyday life. If the personal choices

  • Personal Narrative Story : A Story Of A Personal Story

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    One day there was a group of friends that always get along with each other, there was no fight, no detestation between each other. They were in high school additionally the princess Victoria peregrinated to school, she didn't like being treated different from others she wanted to be the same as other people. Everything was going fine, and then Victoria met a trustworthy girl denominated Maria and they were so close friends. But Maria was just utilizing Victoria and to know all her questions and,

  • Personal Narrative: Pretty Little Liars And American Horror Story

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    that I have not yet explored such as crime and romance. The story 'vacancy', consists of a romantic couple and their experience with crime, however both characters are withholding large secrets from one another. I was influenced by the TV series Pretty Little Liars and American Horror Story as they both contain murder and supernatural themes. The purpose of this narrative was to develop my writing skills by creating my first crime story while avoiding cliché. The goal was to portray a realistic

  • Personal Narrative Story : A Personal Story

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    "Who's is it" I said excitedly with a glowing expression on my face "where did it come from" "Did you buy it" I hurriedly asked my dad 1 million questions waiting on an response. He just stood there with a smile on his face barely biting his lip with happiness in his eyes. I don't think I ever seen this kind of expression on his face. I think that day his excitement was matching mine. This day was about two and a half years ago. It started out as only a normal summer day in the suburban

  • A Personal Story : Personal Narrative Story

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    My heart was pounding in my chest feeling like it would burst out any minute, “why is this happening I sobbed. I couldn’t even think my head was racing so fast, “how is this possible how….how….HOW!” I shrieked, But that was my biggest mistake. “Hey Savanna come on we should go,” I yelled to her moving my dark black hair away from my slender face. “James I’m coming down now” Savanna hollers back at me. She bounded down the. steps her red hair waving around her round face, sparkling in the kitchen