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  • What I Learned About Spiritual Warfare

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    God has restructured and redefined my ideas and ways of spiritual warfare. I learned so much about spiritual warfare in my walk with God over the past 20+ years with much success but with much weariness and being burned out. Through a recent series of events and personal crisis, God walked me through many intense spiritual warfare strategies within the principles of the courts of heaven, which was refreshing and much needed. I realized everything I learned about spiritual warfare was about to

  • Under the Night Sky, Story Excerpt

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    After spending a whole night under the sky, my clothing became quite dirty. Fortunately I brought some change, but I hadn’t found a place to dress myself yet. Furthermore, I also wanted to take a bath. This morning my stomach went to a strike. Mrs. Belgium’s waffles only survived for one day, so I had to shake my brain to find food. The thing was... Where is this? If I have to describe, I was in a glamour city. A city filled with many artistic ornaments, and people passing around the streets (that

  • Macbeth: Instruments of Perversion Essay

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    Surreal, unexplainable, bizarre, dreamlike. Terms such as these are often used to describe the feelings associated with Shakespeare's Macbeth. These unreal qualities are the result of numerous twisted perversions in the plot and characters. Macbeth and Lady Macbeth are chased by equivocation, trying to balance out reality and their dream-world though they are entrenched in a fog of uncertainty and doubt. Macbeth himself quickly becomes an instrument of this distortion due to the influences of the

  • The Perversion of Religion Essays

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    I'm not a tremendously religious person. I don't attend religious services, I don't say prayers before bedtime (or much of any other time), I don't read a section of my holy book on a regular schedule... you get the picture. The closest I'd come to claiming a personal faith is to call myself a sort of armchair Daoist. And yet I find myself deeply offended by those who profane their own professed faith... the Jim Bakkers, Osama Bin Ladens, Paul Shanleys of the world. They seem like a special

  • Perversion and the Internet Essay examples

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    Perversion and the Internet The Internet. An information super-highway to hate, violence, and child pornography. Sure it was ok when the nudie pictures came out, but teaching children racism and bigotry and exploiting innocent children in a sexual manner is taking things a little too far. Buckle your seatbelts and strap on those eyeglasses; we are about to take a ride on the “Informational Highway”. The First Amendment has been stretched, ripped, and torn into little pieces of propaganda

  • Christianity In The Dracula's Perversion Of The Christian Vristianity

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    If Christianity is abandoned, then people will become the monster that vampires are. This is seen in the vampires’ perversion of the Christian faith, the power that Christian icons hold over vampires, and the theme of sexuality. Similar to how people abandoned religion in pursuit of Science and advancement, Count Dracula perverts the Christian faith to further himself. The very basis of vampirism includes the same elements of Christianity, such as immortality, blood, and the soul, but they are incorporated

  • Dracula And Modern Perversions In Bram Stoker's Dracula

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    In comparison to modern perversions of the vampire genre, Bram Stoker’s Dracula was slower in progression, yet deeper in meaning. In modern interpretations of the genre, such as Twilight, Vampire Diaries, and The Originals, which are all stories I enjoyed, the plot progresses quickly and vampires are portrayed as redeemable. Contrasting these stories, Dracula progresses sluggishly with Stoker giving “too much information” throughout the entire novel. Moreover, Count Dracula is seen as an irredeemable

  • Capitalism Is An Unnatural Perversion Of Society In Marx

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    Capitalism is an unnatural perversion of society in Marx and Engel’s The Communist Manifesto. It is constantly consumptive, unable to exist without further expansion. It warps society through its exploitation of labor and the class that provides it. The Communist Manifesto goes beyond just a sociopolitical critique of capitalism, and adds otherworldly, almost Gothic elements. Repeated supernatural, fantastical language reinforces the idea that capitalism is an illegitimate twist of the natural

  • Freedom from Religion: Perversion of the U.S. Constitution Essay

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    Enlightenment and spurred on by their own experiences in the perils of tyrannical oppression. Thus the preservation of America’s sacred freedoms has been the result of a strict adherence to the forefathers’ insights. It stands to reason, then, that the perversion of these freedoms would be the result of a deviation from the original intents of the Constitution’s framers. An attack on any amendment or clause of the Constitution is an attack on the

  • Pop Princesses of Perversion Essay

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    A sixteen year old girl poses for the camera, wearing a shirt that resembles something more akin to a bra than to an actual shirt. She is lying prostrate upon the floor with the photographer snapping pictures above her scantily-clad form. The girl's name is Britney Spears. She has just recorded her first hit single, named "Hit Me Baby One More Time". As Britney's veneer of a bubblegum pop princess fades, she has resorted to shedding more and more layers of clothing in order to attract