Peter Carl Fabergé

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    takes. This is the type of image we are portraying to the young women of our generation. No wonder our dreams are being overshadowed by the reality we live in. She goes on to portray “a head/ like a Faberge egg on the longest, most elegant neck” (9-10). She compares the face of perfection to Peter Carl Faberge’s most renowned work, his golden jeweled eggs. How much more outlandish can we get? And yet we imagine this to be how we should look, and spend the rest of our lives trying to

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    During the 18th century Russia had a large variety in artists. One of the greatest artists during this century was Fidot Ivanovich Shubin, who lived between 1740 and 1805. Since Western European culture was becoming more influential, Shubin, like many other artists, traveled to Europe to study. When he returned from Europe, he created one of his most well-known works, which is a bust of Prince Alexander Golitsyn, who was a diplomat during the reign of Catherine the Great (Fedot Ivanovich Shubin,

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