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  • An Investigationinto the Effect of Ph on the Activity of Potato Tissue Catalase

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    Investigation Into The Effect Of PH On The Activity Of Potato Tissue Catalase Aim The aim of my investigation is to see how pH affects the activity of potato tissue catalase, during the decomposition of hydrogen peroxide to produce water and oxygen. Catalase + 2H2O2 Catalase + 2H2O +O2 Catalase + Hydrogen Peroxide Catalase + Water + Oxygen Independent Variable The independent variable in this investigation is pH. Each individual enzyme has it’s own pH characteristic. This

  • The Effect Of Ph On The Rate Of Catecholase Catalyzed Reaction Essay

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    The Influence of pH on the Rate of Catecholase-Catalyzed Reaction Lab Session - 6 Prepared by: Yordanos Fente Lab Partners: Ariana Page Cristy Farrar Date Performed:11/01/2016 Date Submitted:11/15/2016 Prof. Ashley Bregman Introduction Without enzymes the existence of life is questionable since all metabolic processes in the cell cannot occur at a faster rate enough to sustain life. All the essential biological reactions in

  • The Effect Of Temperature And Ph Of Enzymes Activity Saliva Amylase

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    The effects on temperature and ph of enzymes activity saliva amylase Term 3 Year level; Twelve Name; Michelle Van Biljon Teacher; Miss Draft due; Week 5 (Tuesday) Due date; Week 6 (Tuesday) Introduction The enzymes inside the human body is a protein molecule which is a biological catalyst containing 3 types of characteristics. The first characteristic of an enzyme is to increase inside the human body depending on the rate of reaction. Secondly most of the enzymes inside the human body will

  • The Effect Of Different Fluids On Urine Volume, Concentration, And Ph

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    Concentration, and pH Introduction The examination of urine is called urinalysis, which is a diagnostic method for assessing renal function and diagnosing various types of pathophysiology involving not on the kidneys but other organs and tissues as well. We will be focusing on the kidneys for this experiment. The kidneys play an essential role in regulating of extracellular concentrations of water, electrolytes, and certain end product of metabolism; additionally they regulate pH and osmotic pressure

  • The Effect Of Varying Ph Values On The Enzymatic Activity Of Glucose Oxidase

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    objective of this experiment was to determine the effects of varying pH values on the enzymatic activity of glucose oxidase. This enzyme specifically oxides D-glucose while simultaneously reducing oxygen into hydrogen peroxide, whose catalysis by the enzyme horseradish peroxidase coupled with this reaction is broken down into its constituent parts of water and oxygen. The reaction rate of glucose oxidase was tested at four distinct pH levels of 3, 4, 5, and 6. The absorbency of each solution was determined

  • How pH Affects the Break Down of Starch by the Enzyme Amylase

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    How pH Affects the Break Down of Starch by the Enzyme Amylase Hypothesis: The optimum pH for the reaction of starch with amylase is pH 7. PH values lower or higher than this value will result in a slower rate of reaction. Amylase works in the range pH 3 to pH 11. Biological Knowledge ==================== PH changes affect the structure of an enzyme molecule and therefore affect its ability to bind with its substrate molecules. Changes in pH affect the

  • The Effect Of Ph, Temperature, And The Inhibitor Hydroxylamine On Brassica Rapa Peroxidase

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    The Effects of pH, Temperature, and the Inhibitor Hydroxylamine on Brassica rapa Peroxidase Enzyme Sriya Bhamidipati Abstract. Peroxidase is an enzyme whose main function is to break down hydrogen peroxide. It is rich in content in the organism Brassica rapa, or the turnip. The purpose of this study was to investigate and observe the effects of pH, temperature conditions and the inhibitor Hydroxylamine on Peroxidase ‘s ability to break down Hydrogen Peroxide. By observing the absorbance change

  • Water Sample And Ph Of Vinegar And Orange Juice

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    The water sample with the lowest pH was the Dhaka water sample, which had a pH of 2.52, making it the most acidic water. This was followed by Port River water, which had a pH of 4.6, Waterfall Gully water sample at 4.75, and Johnston 's Creek at 5.29 (refer to Table 1 and Figure 3). The Dhaka sample 's pH is between the acidity of vinegar and orange juice (ScienceBuddies, 2015). Figure 3: Average pH/acidity of the water samples. Not all samples were titrated, as both Waterfall Gully and Johnston

  • What pH the Enzyme Named Peroxidase Works Best At Essay

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    What pH the Enzyme Named Peroxidase Works Best At The aim of my investigation is to find out what pH the enzyme named peroxidase works best at. We can find the enzyme peroxidase if we grind up celery, or most other animal and plants. A chemical reaction in plants and animals produce hydrogen peroxide, this can poison them if it is allowed to accumulate. The enzyme peroxidase acts as a catalyst for decomposing hydrogen peroxide, it is broken down into water and oxygen

  • Low Ph Groundwater Discharge Drives Natural Acidification Of Reefs

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    High pCO2, low pH groundwater discharge drives natural acidification of reefs Christina M. Richardson, Henrietta Dulai, Brian Popp, and Kathleen Ruttenberg Abstract Diel changes in the marine carbonate chemistry of reefs are thought to be primarily biologically-driven. The presence of groundwater discharge in nearshore reefs may complicate our understanding of carbon cycling in these systems, however. Here we show that coastal groundwater inputs shift and heighten biologically-induced changes in