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  • Factors that affect how the PH changes during a titration experiment

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    Factors that affect how the PH changes during a titration experiment. Concentration of the alkali Having a higher concentration of alkali will mean that there will be more molecules closer together for the acid to collide with. This will speed up the reaction as collision theory suggests that molecules have to collide to react and if there are more molecules to collide with the reaction will happen faster as there is a higher chance of a collision. Volume of alkali An increase in volume would mean

  • Investigate how PH Affects the Ability of Raw Meat to Absorb Water

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    Investigate how PH Affects the Ability of Raw Meat to Absorb Water I am planning an experiment to investigate how PH affects the ability of raw meat to absorb water. · Independent Variable The independent variable for this experiment is the PH of the solution the steak is marinated in. I will achieve a range of different PH values by using buffers set at PH 1, 3, 5, 7, 9. I predict that there will be an optimum PH where the steak will absorb the most water. The amount of water absorbed by the

  • The Effect of Substrate Concentration, Enzyme Concentration, Ph and Temperature on Enzyme Activity”

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    Title: “The Effect of Substrate Concentration, Enzyme Concentration, pH and Temperature on Enzyme Activity” Abstract: In the following experiments we will measure precise amounts of potato extract as well as Phenylthiourea, combined with or without deionized water and in some instances change the temperature and observe and record the reaction. We will also investigate the different levels of prepared pH on varying samples of the potato extract and the Phenylthiourea and record the results.

  • The Effect Of Ph, Enzyme Concentration And Temperature On The Catalytic Rate Of Enzymes Essay

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    effects of pH, enzyme concentration, and temperature on the catalytic rate of enzymes. Many functions within the human body require/involve enzymes. It was found that enzymes have an optimal pH level, catalytic rate increases as the concentration of the enzyme increases, and an optimal temperature. The enzyme that was used throughout the experiment was ALP (alkaline phosphatase enzyme). ALP functions best at a neutral pH level, as it had the largest calculated enzyme activity of 2.05E-03. When pH went

  • Testing the Effect of Differing pH Levels on the Heart Rate of Bivalve Mollusks

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    The purpose of this investigation is to test the effect of differing pH levels on the heart rate of bivalve mollusks. Mollusca can be classified by their soft bodies, “head” and “foot” regions. They also generally have hard exoskeletons that cover their bodies. This is the case with snails and, of course, clams. Bivalve mollusks have a hard outer shell and soft insides. Their hearts are located towards the center of the umbo, which extends from the terminal end of the valve. The umbo is also the

  • The Effect Of Protein Adsorption And Thrombus Formation On The Accuracy And Function Of Ph Sensors Essay

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    Effects of Protein Adsorption and Thrombus Formation on The Accuracy and Function of pH Sensors. Introduction: PH sensors are used in many scientific laboratories to measure the hydrogen-ion concentration of a liquid substance and to determine the basicity and acidity of a liquid. PH meters measure the electrical potential difference between a reference electrode probe and a pH electrode probe. Since these probes are very sensitive, they are required to be kept cleansed from contaminants. If exposed

  • Effects of Temperature, Ph, Enzyme Concentration, and Substrate Concentration on Enzymatic Activity

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    Effects of Temperature, pH, Enzyme Concentration, and Substrate Concentration on Enzymatic Activity INTRODUCTION Enzymes, proteins that act as catalysts, are the most important type of protein[1]. Catalysts speed up chemical reactions and can go without being used up or changed [3] Without enzymes, the biochemical reactions that take place will react too slowly to keep up with the metabolic needs and the life functions of organisms. Catecholase is a reaction between oxygen and catechol

  • 6-2: Lab Assignment Ranking Salt Solutions by Ph Essay

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    Ranking Salt Solutions by pH 6-2: Ranking Salt Solutions by pH In this assignment you will be asked to rank aqueous solutions of acids, bases, and salts in order of increasing pH. This is most easily done by first identifying the strong acids that have the lowest pH, the strong bases that have the highest pH, and the neutral solutions that have a pH near 7. The weak acids will have a pH between 1 and 6 and the weak bases between 8 and 14. The exact order of weak acids and

  • How Ph And Peroxidase Affects Each Other And The Enzyme Was Made

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    chemical reactions more easily. There are two main factors that actually affects enzymes and their functions which are temperature and pH. Throughout this experiment, the study how pH and peroxidase affects each other and the enzyme was made. The recordings of how the enzymes responded when it was exposed to four different pH levels to come up with an optimum pH which was predicted in the hypothesis and the IRV at the end. Introduction: Enzymes are protein catalysts facilitating the conversion

  • What Do Acids And Bases Of Varying Ph Levels Have On The Efficiency Of Catalase?

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    What effect do acids and bases of varying PH levels have on the efficiency of catalase? Catalysts are an extremely important part of the experiment, but to understand catalyst you first must understand Activation energy. Activation Energy is “the minimum amount of energy that is required to activate atoms or molecules to a condition in which they can undergo chemical transformation or physical transport.” (Encyclopedia Britannica, "activation energy | chemistry"). A Catalyst is “is a substance