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  • Phasor Measurement Unit Essay

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    of power system network. Phasor Measurement Unit (PMU) is one of the major components which are increasingly deployed in the power system network to provide the necessary infrastructure to cater smart grid requirements. PMUs provide time synchronized measurement of voltage and current phasors (Phadke and Thorp 2008) from different nodes of the power system network, which is used for monitoring and control. NASPI (March 2015) and NERC (September 2016) suggest use of phasor data from the PMUs to perform

  • Acc 505

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    additional $290,000 in conversion costs. 8. Assuming that the company uses the weighted-average cost method, what is the cost per equivalent unit for conversion costs for the month in the Blending Department to the nearest cent? A) $2.55 B) $2.53 C) $2.50 D) $2.44 9. Assuming that the company uses the weighted-average cost method, what are the equivalent units of production for conversion costs for the Blending Department for the month? A) 119,100 B) 120,000 C) 114,000 D) 131,000 10. Sarver

  • Gross Margin Percent Essay

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    Unitron Corporation The RSV method has a number of twists that can result in many different unit costs for the five Question 1 products. For inventory costing purposes, any The idea here is to construct a "Produced systematic cost allocation system will do. The basic As/Sold As Matrix" (400,000 x 400,000). Obviously, idea of the relative sales value scheme is that all sales the possible combinations are endless, so how does one should show gross margin percent equal to the average choose

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    Department’s debits are for direct materials used and conversion costs incurred during the period. Step 4 computes cost per equivalent unit by dividing the costs in each input cost category by the respective quantity of equivalent units. Step 5 assigns total costs to account for from Step 3 (a) to units completed and transferred out of the process and (b) to units remaining in process at the end of the period. EXHIBIT 17-2, text p.634, shows the details for Steps 3, 4, and 5 in Case 2. 7. Using

  • Walmart : Is It The Dependent Variable For Our Model?

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    Variables Walmart revenue: This is the dependent variable for our model. It is the variable that we tried to explain using the independent variables discussed below. Competition: There are few direct competitors of Walmart like Costco. This is because most companies cannot beat the price that Walmart offers its consumers. As a big box retailer, Walmart uses its size coupled with effective supply chain management to acquire its supplies at a highly discounted price. This enables to charge very little

  • The Scientific Method Of Science

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    The first lab I ever did in Biology 101 was about the scientific method. The scientific method is used to solve everyday problems. I learned about all the steps it takes to carry out the scientific method completely. This lab taught me the basics of how any scientific experiment is performed. The first part of the scientific method is to begin making observations and asking questions about different situations. It is important to always check accumulated sources of scientific data to gain information

  • Lab Report On Marine Shells

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    Purpose: The purpose of this lab is to take measurement of a marine shell and observe differences in the shell in order to male a hypothesis of the shells. As we take the measurements we need to make a hypothesis of what made the shells have a variety in data. In this lab we needed to find the shells length (SL), Aperture Width (AW), Aperture Length (AL), Body Whorl Length (BWL), and Weight (W) of the shells. As we take this measurement we also need to take the standard error of each data. The standard

  • What Is The Eight Head Theory

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    2.1 Body Measurement Garment fitting is based on taking body measurements. So it is very important for a dress maker to know how to take accurate measurements. For a successful garment cutting, one must know the size and shape of the human body, for which designing has to be done. Anatomy begins with the eight head theory (Adu-Boakye 2012). 2.1.1 Body Anatomy The father of tailoring Mr. Wampon drew seven imaginary lines across the body structure for the purpose of easy measurement in tailoring

  • Why The Imperial System Should Be Abolished Essay

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    imperial system as a whole was just a waste of time. Even though a considerable amount of people think the US should stay in the imperial system, switching to the metric system would help prevent doubt of the people in their very own system of measurement, and devastating accidents. The imperial system is dying, and the people may be losing faith in this dying system. The imperial system has remained in effect in America since they broke off from the British colonies. Because of that, one may think

  • Worksheet On 'Analyzing Jumps'

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    SWBAT recognize “jumps” as a nonstandard unit of measurement - I can identify different types of units SWBAT recognize the correlation between unit size and number of units - I can identify how big a unit is and how many units I need to use. Students will participate in discussions with their group to answer the lesson questions to develop key understanding - Kidwatching notes will be taken to collect data on misunderstandings and development of key concepts Students will work together to complete