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  • Persuasive Essay On Racism

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    a white nation," it read. "I questioned whether or not I (as an African-American) was welcome on the University of Maryland campus," the senior said. Those posters went up in March. The next month, someone left a noose in the kitchen of UMD's Phi Kappa Tau fraternity house. UMD police called the incident a "hateful act" and launched a "hate/bias investigation." Student Alexis Ojeda-Brown refused to stay silent. Earlier this month, she used a bullhorn to denounce the noose incident on an open area

  • Personal Lessons Learned

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    From an early age I was taught the importance of personal integrity and the importance of being adaptable and prepared for any stressful situation that life may throw at you. During my time as a boy scout I was constantly taught to be prepared and to also to always be at the service of others. At the end of our camping trips we would be told repeatedly to “leave this place, better than when you found it” and this lesson has translated into my own life. I want to make the world a better (safer) place

  • Profile. Experienced, Multi-Faceted Professional With Demonstrated

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    PROFILE Experienced, multi-faceted professional with demonstrated expertise in program oversight, including healthcare, strategic planning, regulatory compliance, policy development, contracting, and procurement. Highly analytical with a keen eye for details; skilled at synthesizing and editing information to achieve overall objectives. Highly adaptable at learning and understanding new technology, processes, and procedures. Ability to cultivate positive relationships with clients and colleagues;

  • Qualitative Self Assessment

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    The Qualitative Thematic Self-Analysis Research consists of listing themes and locate the data sources for the self-assessments and discussion topics. The data sources I retrieved are starting from week 7 to week 10. We compiled the information the self-assessments and was required to acquire specific information from these assessments and inputted under the relating theme. Here is the list of data sources: • AzCIS Assessments: o Interest Profiler (AzCIS IP) o Skills Assessment (AzCIS S) o Work

  • My Life, Basketball, And My Philosophy Of Basketball

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    My adult life, and my philosophy on life was shaped on a basketball court, and by my father. He was the coach of my AAU girl’s basketball team, and he instilled in us a philosophy of hard work. We were no normal girl’s basketball team, and My father’s coaching philosophy rein on a team of twelve as we waited our turn to take the court. Anticipation greeted determination in rhythmic thuds in the background. The pace of the rhythm ever so often broken by a screech of rubber to maple. Hard work brought

  • Designing The Cd Package Design

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    CD Package Design I was inspired by watercolor portraits and CD packaging designs from other students. I decided to incorporate this idea into the CD package design. Throughout the CD Package, I added a faded textured in the background of the design. Within the background on the back panel, I added a transparent photograph of a cricket to keep consistent with the title of the album name. Then, added paint splatters and rendered them to make the model as a recognizable subject for the cover. In

  • WPU Scholarships

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    cumulative GPA of 3.7 or higher after 15 credit hours. These scholarships are renewable for an additional three years of study at William Peace University, provided recipients remain in the Honors Program and maintain a “B” average (3.00). Phi Theta Kappa Honor

  • Long-Term Videography Analysis

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    I searched for videos displaying students with similar goals to mine. I did not find any long-term videography documenting a premedical undergraduate lifestyle. As my individual journey continued I wondered if others considering the medical field had a curiosity about the process, and because of this I began to study the methods needed to film, edit, and record my own videos in the hopes of aiding and entertaining up and coming scholars interested in medicine. I post a couple films on "CrisVlogs

  • Analysis Of Didion 's ' On Self Respect

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    In Didion’s emotional yet dominant essay, “On Self- Respect,” found in Slouching Towards Bethlehem, she defines the true meaning of value to oneself, while indicating that reactions of weakness and humiliation, based on the approval of bystanders, inhibits true acceptance. Her work was published in 1968 by Farrar, Straus, and Giroux to an American magazine Vogue, in a time when many intellectual Americans believed they were standing at the dawn of the Golden Age. The emergence of The Human Potential

  • Analysis Of Ethos And Pathos In Aria By Richard Rodriguez

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    Sammie MacAffer Christine Robinson Coon ENGL 1310.050 23 October 2017 Ethos and Pathos in “Aria” Bilingualism is the ability to communicate in two different languages. Bilingual education is the use of two different languages in classroom instruction. According to the Encyclopedia of Children’s Health, and many other researchers, “languages are learned the easiest during a child’s youngest years. Therefore, when a child is growing up in a bilingual home or is receiving bilingual education, can