Photographic techniques

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  • The Influence Of The Film Zootopia

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    actors or an animation film by Disney where all the characters are born with a writing utensil on a canvas. With further contribution and guidance from the director, adding additional cinematography elements such as camera position and lighting techniques help enhance the emotion that the director wants the audience to see in their films. Byron Howard and Rich Moore’s clever usage of long shot along with low and high key lighting in their animated film Zootopia help enrich emotional empathy of the

  • Tim Burton : Fantasy Is Reality

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    The reality of our world ruins a person’s innocent fantasies, as once spoken by an ingenious film maker, Tim Burton, “fantasy is reality.” Tim Burton has always portrayed himself as an outcast even in his childhood. His unique film style was enormously impacted from his childhood events. He didn’t fit in with the norms of society as a child, and he was often misunderstood for his actions. He believes that people should strive to stand out in a crowd rather than blend in with a crowd. Tim Burton perceives

  • Orpheus Analysis

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    Orpheus is a 1950s film by director Jean Cocteau; it is a retelling of the Greek myth of Orpheus set in contemporary France. An important theme of this film is the opposition between dreams and reality, and how the former often encroaches over the latter. The film uses the formal elements of framing and composition, mise-en-scène, camera movement and the long take to represent the conflicts between reality and dreams. The framing and composition of the film Orpheus help distinguish between the dreamlike

  • The Effect Of Photography On Forensic Science

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    Photography in forensic science is arguably an important factor to the forensic science world especially when is used in court situations to carry out justice in court. Photography helps to aid investigations & provides the court room & investigators with photos of victims, places and items in detail involved in the crime. The basics of photography is understanding how a camera works, a standard camera has very basic components these are – • A viewfinder • A focusing mechanism • A shutter • An

  • Analysis of the Graduate Essay

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    The Graduate is a great example of a film where lens and camera choices were used effectively to convey the director’s point of view. It seemed like every choice made by the director Mike Nichols director and the director of cinematography Bob Surtees was justified. The outcome of each shot played an important role in shaping the message of the film. The cinematography of Bob Surtees is very complicated and thoughtful but at the same time seems poetic and spontaneous. All of Mrs. Robinson and

  • Essay About Adolescents Et La Societe Face Au Numerique

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    CHAPITRE 2 : ADOLESCENTS ET LA SOCIETE FACE AU NUMERIQUE A. Implémentation du numérique dans la société Suite à la révolution numérique et l’implémentation du numérique dans notre société une socialisation et une communication sont ainsi crées entre les individus. Par suite, les réseaux sociaux ont tracé un large périmètre d’interaction. En effet, dans ce cercle, se contacter avec ses amis proches, sa famille, échanger les idées, partager ses problèmes, ses images, ses sentiments et émotions

  • The Rabbinic Approach : Genesis 11 : 1

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    The rabbinic approach is the rabbis and religious people’s point of view on a story. Studying the rabbinic approach can add to the understanding of Genesis 11:1-9 because rabbis compare texts to other texts in the Tanakh or verses of a text. They look for the similarities to help us interpret the story. This makes us compare characters or words said throughout the story. This helps us understand the text better. For example, the rabbinic approach compares Genesis 11:4 with Genesis 11:2. the people

  • Kodak vs. Fujifilm

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    of the consumers. One of the most important moves that Fujifilm made was staying with what they already knew they were good at and began learning how to adapt it to other markets arenas. Fujifilm unlike Kodak transformed from a fairly narrow photographic supplier into a diversified company with significant health-care and electronics operations. They looked into more than just simply moving to digital photography from analog. They tapped into its chemical expertise for more uses, such as drugs

  • Cinematographic Effects in the Final Scene of Thelma and Louise

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    They seem lost, frightened, and delusional all at one time. The police cars that fill the vast space behind them make the two realize that their time has run out. The view of all the officers approaching in their patrol cars is also a panning technique (Emerson 1). By using panning here, the viewer gets a better idea of how many men there actually are and that Thelma and Louise are, in fact, surrounded. Thelma and Louise long for their freedom in more ways than one. When they first reach the

  • The Invention Of Digital Photography

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    Lab to the photographic and digital world. One year ago, it debuted the Instant Lab and received a massively successful response from the community. Now all set to launch, this revolutionary device allows people to transform their digital iPhone