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  • Essay on Hackers- Who Are They? And What Do They Do?

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    Computer Hackers Outline Thesis : Contrary to popular belief, not only do you not have to be smart to be a hacker, you do not even need to know much about computers. I. Hacking today A. More like exploration in the 60's and 70's B. Cannot call themselves hackers II. Different Types of hackers A. A hacker defined B. A cracker defined C. A phreaker defined III. You do not have to be intelligent A. Not like you have seen on television B. Programs used are highly

  • Computers and Crime

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    computer, but it is also against the theft of money, information, software, benefits and welfare and many more. "With the average damage from a computer crime amounting to about $.5 million, sophisticated computer crimes can rock the industry."(Phrack 25,p.6) Computer crimes can take on many forms. Swindling or stealing of money is one of the most common computer crime. An example of this kind of crime is the Well Fargo Bank that discovered an employee was using the banks computer to embezzle

  • Cyber Security Is Protecting The Internet

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    Cyber Security is protection used as a defense to prevent unlawful access to information or to a computer system. When speaking in the realm of security in regards to computers or networks, the proper term to use is cyber security. This type of security is used as a defense to maintain a secure connection in cyberspace. Some might think that if they don’t use the internet it lessens the risk of a hacker getting their information. Cybersecurity is used to prevent cyber crimes which is a major

  • How The Kkk, Anarchists, Preaks Compare To Big Brother Essay

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    How the KKK, Anarchists, Preaks Compare to Big Brother      Many organizations today are considered bad or "evil". Groups like the Ku Klux Klan, The Anarchy Organization, Supreme White Power, which are Skinheads and Neo-Nazis, and Phreaks are a few of these groups. These groups all have one thing in common......they somehow break the law. The Ku Klux Klan "terrorized public officials in efforts to drive them from office and blacks in general to prevent them

  • Sql Injection Attacks, Prevention Techniques, And Why It Matters

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    CS674 Shankar Subedi [ SQL Injection Attacks, Prevention Techniques, and Why It Matters] SQL injection attacks pose a serious security threat and it has become a predominant type of attacks that target web applications utilizing the backend databases. It allows attackers to obtain unauthorized access to the database and retrieve potentially sensitive information. These attacks are launched through specially crafted input to trick the database into executing any SQL queries. In this paper

  • Information As An Asset Can Not Be Overemphasized

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    Information as an asset cannot be overemphasized. Governments and corporate bodies rely on information mainly for national security agenda and competitive advantage respectively. In today’s increasingly complex interconnection of networks devices, securing information and information systems from attackers cannot be compromised. Firewalls have been around for decades to filter incoming packets to help with securing information assets nevertheless the ingenuity of attackers and continually varying

  • Shaping Identity in William Gibson's Neuromancer Essay

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    Shaping Identity in William Gibson's Neuromancer The number “one” is not a thing. Math has no definitive reality. Numbers are a social construct, a system of symbols designed to express the abstractions through which properly developed societies explain aspects of reality. It follows that, as humanity seeks to understand more of what it is to exist, bigger numbers are needed. Soon, we need machines to understand the numbers. Society plants a base on information technology, efficiency, and

  • The University Of Arizon Electrical And Computer Engineering

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    The University of Arizona Electrical and Computer Engineering E.C.E 509 Name: Alain CIZUNGU BAZIBUHE Homework No 1. Question I: list of attacks: Rogue Wi-Fi, Homograph, Tabnabing, Evil Twins, Smurf, Ping Flood, SYN Flood, Teardrop, Peer-to-Peer Attack, Banana Attack, NUKE Attack, R-U-Dead-Yet attack, Slammer Worm, MyDoom, DRDOS Attack, Advanced Persistent DoS (APDoS), Stuxnet, Crypto Locker, SQL Injection, Persistent XSS attacks, DOM-based XSS. a. Describe briefly the attack and how it works