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  • Piracy

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    COMM 340 (03) Team #6 PIRACY: AVOIDING ATTACKS AND MINIMIZING THE IMPACTS Brock Josuttes 11094753 Nathan Keck 11123768 Josh MacGowan 11108277 Brittany Saunders 11099828 Brenley Schaan 11142699   PIRACY:  AVOIDING  ATTACKS  AND  MINIMIZING  THE  IMPACTS   2   TABLE OF CONTENTS Introduction .......................................................................................................................3 Anticipation ...............................

  • Caribbean Piracy

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    Piracy of the Caribbean It seems to be common knowledge that murder, thievery, and full blown naval warfare supposedly plagued the Caribbean Sea from the 1600’s to the 1800’s. Countless tons of priceless goods such as spices, gems, rare metals, and silks were snatched right from under merchant noses (Hanna 42). Goods that were the basis of Triangle Trade economies, goods such as sugar, tobacco, weapons, cotton, and sadly the lives of enslaved humans (which were considered commodities and goods)

  • Golden Age Of Piracy

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    Rediker, is a collection of ideas and information about pirates in the Golden Age of Atlantic piracy, between the years 1650 and 1730. This book is a collection of the unprecedented social and cultural history of pirates, mainly at sea, but also before they became pirates, and how piracy affected maritime culture. It delves into the ideas and realities of pirate life and helps further an understanding of piracy during this time. Rediker claims, “The pirates of the 1710s and 1720s were among the greatest

  • The Big Issue of Piracy

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    Piracy Piracy is a big issue in the gaming industry and is happening all the time and companies are trying their best to get rid of this issue. The problem with trying to get rid of this issue is that there will always be people figuring out loopholes in the defense of piracy. There are some smart people who make a lot of money pirating items such as Movies for making money. There are people who have made millions of dollars using this illegal way to steal what is not theirs. Most of the

  • Effects Of Movie Piracy

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    weekend when you walk through the grocery store trying to sale you a movie. Piracy is defined by Dictionary.com as, “the unauthorized reproduction or use of a copyrighted book, recording, television program, patented invention, trademarked product, etc.” Therefore, a pirated movie is when a movie is released without the owner or person that got the material copy righted it knowing or consenting to the release. Movie piracy is unethical because it skews the box office financial numbers, decreases the

  • Digital Piracy Is It Really?

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    technology now being the means of communication it becomes easier to help those who do not have access to certain content be able to experience it that might have not had the chance. When the topic of digital piracy is bought up in conversation it immediately jumps to the conversation that the use of piracy would be the same as stealing a car or a television, and the question always comes up “would you steal a CD or DVD from the store?” with the answer being no. With the actual physical property being stolen

  • What Is Somali Piracy?

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    topic that interested me is piracy, which is evident among the Somali coast. I first learned of Somalia in high school in my Multicultural Studies course. Somalia seemed to intrigue me because of its humanitarian problems and I knew of its piracy issue which is also a gripping topic. I consulted a research article online under Florida Atlantic University’s libraries titled, “The Dialectics of Piracy in Somalia: the rich versus the poor.” The article discusses how piracy has affected Somalia’s overall

  • The Pros And Cons Of Piracy

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    and Domestic Legal Framework against Armed Robbery ship and Piracy. International law government aim has relationship between all countries. Besides that, they aim to impose duties and rights to ensure harmonisation among countries. To achieve the goal, individual state play role to observe the law that adopt by the international law. In fact, this goal remarkable as achievement, it still arguably lacks prosecution power in combating piracy. It gives domestic laws to produce suitable system to bring

  • The Importance Of Movie Piracy

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    Felicia Anane English Composition1 Argumentative essay 10/8/2017. Movie Piracy: Why the Debate Some people have an interest in opening a new business for themselves. Nowadays, people have ways of making money easily on their own. There are several ways people do to get money, for example, cab driving, ride sharing, selling food on the street and opening stores to sell pirated movies. Everyone has their own opinion on pirated movies but the pirated movie is the illegal duplicate of films for

  • Golden Age of Piracy

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    Teach places several slow burning fuses under his hat, lighting each one by one[i]. With wisps of smoke billowing around his face, Blackbeard, the most treacherous pirate in history, emerges from his cabin to join the fight. In the golden age of piracy, Captain Edward Teach, more commonly known as Blackbeard, stands out as the fiercest and most important figure. Blackbeard and his crew successfully controlled commerce along