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  • Phonology Analysis Is Helpful For Chinese Learners

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    Introduction: Phonology analysis is helpful for Chinese learners who are learning English as a second language. Recently, the requirements for ESL learners to carry out the best solutions for second language learners are in great demand because those learners have the experience of listening to second language teaching. Hence this topic is really of significance for me,as a future teacher, to write about. Abstract: This essay will use the knowledge of segmental and suprasegmental phonology to examine

  • The Importance Of Music And Language

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    reading and writing skills. Bidelman et al. has shown that when it comes to music and language, speech pitch processing can differ between musicians and non-musicians, where there are evidence that music can show sensitivity to the pitch sound toward musicians. It can also depend on musicians who speak foreign languages, which will focus on the influence of domain-specific experience on the encoding of pitch. It can also depend on musical expertise. Rochette et al. has used musical lessons on deaf children

  • English Controlled Assessment spoken language Essay

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    factors that affects our understanding of the language is one’s regional accent. Although most words and phrases will be comprehensible some phonetics may have changed so much that all we can do is hope that the context of what has been said makes sense in order for us to ‘fill in the gaps’. My paternal grandmother, as related to me by my father, spoke with a West Country accent. ‘West Country’ refers to a large band of accents heard in the South of England, starting about fifty miles West of London

  • Brahm's Intermezzo No.3, Op.119 in C Major Analysis

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    components; local harmonic motion proceeds through an expanded LR-cycle, with periodic short cuts from one zone of the cycle to another. The A section unfolds a double-tonic complex while introducing chromatic pitch classes in

  • How To Train Your Dragon Analysis

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    the character's speech to better understand the character's personality, actions and behaviour. This is done through the examination of the accent, tone, pitch, pace and volume of the character/s speaking. This is evident in the Hiccup Initiation Ceremony Confession Scene in which Hiccup spits out, "I'm not one of them.". He states this loudly, in a low pitch, slowly spitting out the words in a chilling manner with a cold and harsh tone. Therefore, the audience interprets this as Hiccup displaying

  • Analysis Of The Mazurkas

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    This mazurka is in D major and comes from a set of four mazurkas composed by Chopin in 1838. It has the tempo marking Vivace, which suggests a lighthearted and energetic rendition of the music. The accent is consistently on the third beat to create the typical mazurka dance effect, and it adds interest and character to the playing. All the mazurkas composed by Chopin have the characteristic of the traditional Polish dance and evoke the feeling of nationalism because of Chopin’s strong identification

  • Correlation Between Weber 's Law And Visual Perception

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    Abstract The purpose of this study was to measure and record the just-noticeable-difference (or JND) thresholds of random participants using their visual-based perception and to replicate and confirm Weber’s Law. Through this four-level single-factor experiment, these participants were asked to compare two lines which were flashed to them on a computer screen. Their objective at that point was to choose which line was longer of the two that were shown, and this was repeated 160 times at four different

  • The At 2 : Beginning Of What Will Be A Very Polyphonic Section

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    with small intervals. It complements the opening oboe well and contributes to the happy spring like opening to the section. When the clarinet chimes in at 2:31 it immediately pierces the ear and takes over the section. The melody goes up once in pitch, and then quickly falls and rises again. The high note is then held for an extended period of time until the clarinet trickles out of the note by descending the scale. This melody is repeated for the whole section by the clarinet. There are some

  • Physics Speed of Sound Lab Report

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    Samantha Mackey 13. 2nd hour PHYSICS LAB REPORT: SPEED OF SOUND Purpose: In this lab, we will be doing 3 major things: 1) Collecting and organizing data to obtain resonant points in a closed pipe, 2) measure the length of a closed-pipe resonator, and 3) analyze the data to determine the speed of sound. Procedure: 1. Fill the graduated cylinder nearly to the top with water, with a tall glass tube open at both ends (the water level with act as the closed end). 2. Determine

  • Mathematics In Music : The Relationship Of Mathematics And Music

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    Math can be seen in all aspects of life, whether you notice it is prevalent or not. As a result, almost every aspect of life can be boiled down to a specific group of mathematical concepts. Similarly, art forms, especially music, can be analyzed through the eye of math and therefore be fully inspected, observing how certain chords and notes sound more harmonious than others. Mathematics and music have a closer relationship than most people realize. Mathematics and music are directly related and