Pitot-static system

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  • How Do Airspeed Indicators And Altimeters Work?

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    airspeed indicators and altimeters are relatively similar to one another. The airspeed indicator utilizes and receives data from the pitot tube and the static port on an aircraft. In short the air pressure is collected by the pitot tube is compared to the static air pressure to give the pilot an accurate indication of how fast the aircraft is moving. The pitot tube has a small whole in the front and a small whole in the back. It collects ram air pressure from the small hole in the front as it

  • Birgenair Flight ALW-301

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    Pilots and non pilots. We will explore three different aviation accidents that could have been prevented if the aircraft was maintained properly. And why pilots should make sure to do a thorough walk around of their aircraft. This is not to say that faulty maintenance was the cause of each of these accidents. There was pilot error reported in these accident investigations. First, lets discuss the Birgenair flight ALW-301. Birgenair Flight ALW-301, was a flight from Gregario Luperon International

  • Aircraft Icing And Its Effects On All Aircraft

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    Abstract The following is an in-depth look on aircraft icing and the harsh effects it has on all aircraft. Mother Nature has been around far longer than any of us. Weather is not going anywhere anytime soon and it is our responsibility no matter what our position in the aviation community to understand and deal with these conditions properly. Aircraft icing is not completely preventable but with the proper techniques, tools and knowledge can be dealt with safely. Aviation in general is far to precious

  • Aircraft Instruments System Reviewer

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    dial of a sensitive altimeter in which the pilot sets the barometric pressure level from which the altitude shown on the altimeter is measured. AIRSPEED INDICATOR – A flight instrument that measures the differential between the pitot, of ram air pressure and the static pressure of the air surrounding the aircraft. BOURDON TUBE – type

  • The Effect Of Velocity On A Flat Plate Boundary Layer

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    boundary layer in which the pressure was constant. A pitot tube located at the top of the test section that was used to determine the total pressure across the boundary layer. The Pitot tube needed to be able to more along both horizontal and vertical directions for accurate measurements. Five different tubes, aligned along the x-axis, were placed under the wind tunnel test section to measure the static pressure. The result of both the static and total pressures is the dynamic pressure. Theory:

  • A Laboratory Small Auxiliary Power Unit ( Apu ) Engine Practice

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    provides secondary power to the airplane. This power is used to start the main propulsion engines and provide pressurized air for aircraft environmental control systems, electrical power for lighting, avionics and galleys on the ground and backup and emergency power in flight. [1] The APU investigated, GTCP30-92, consists of the following systems and assemblies: • Gearbox • Enclosing housing assembly incorporates an integral oil tank sump. • Housing assembly, supporting the assembly bearing carrier and

  • Large Scale Rotating Rig ( Lsrr )

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    UTRC Large-Scale Rotating Rig (LSRR) One of the first rotating turbine research facilities to conduct aerodynamic and heat transfer on blades was the United Technologies Large-Scale Rotating Rig (LSRR). This facility researched the rotor blades and heat transfer measurements transfer in low speed turbine environment. The first three rows of the test rig represented a high bypass ratio aircraft engine. The outlying parameters of the facility are as follows; “This 1.5 stage low speed facility operated

  • Electrical System Electrical System is a major sub system of a complete design. Electrical systems

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    Electrical System Electrical System is a major sub system of a complete design. Electrical systems are groups of electrical components connected to carry out some operation. Often the systems are combined with other systems. They might be subsystems of larger systems and have subsystems of their own. Electrical system is designed to provide power to all the components as per the requirement. Miniature UAV use electrical power for propulsion. Miniature UAV use D.C. motor. The batteries are connected

  • Cfi Oral Plan of Action

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    Fundamentals of Instruction Review Certificates and Documents Airworthiness Requirements Weather Information IFR Cross-Country Flight Planning National Airspace Technical Subject Areas Regulations and Publications Operations of Systems Aeromedical Aircraft Systems, Flight Instruments, and Navigational equipment Instrument Cockpit Check Air Traffic Control Clearances Lost Communications Schedule: FOI 0:15 Review 0:45 Technical subject areas 1:00 Equipment: Dry erase

  • A Short Term Wind Tunnel Test Rig

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    A short term wind tunnel test rig known as the QinetiQ Isentropic Light Piston Facility (ILPF) is capable of “aero-heat transfer” testing of a turbine the size of an engine under real life conditions. Initially this facility was designed for testing of a single high pressure turbine stage but was recently converted to being able to test 1.5 stages of the turbine. One of the exclusive features of this facility is the aerodynamic turbo brake that is driven by the turbine exit flow on the same shaft