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  • Analysis Of Seated Nude By Aristide Maillol

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    Throughout history we see many things reused or repeated. This is true in art, many artworks use influences of previous artists and or styles for their work. The reuse of old ideas is present in many artworks to date. One piece created in the last century is Seated Nude by Aristide Maillol which was created in 1902. By using his experiences in France and his travels around Europe, Maillol experienced many different cultures. With the presence of past cultural artifacts in our as influences in Europe

  • Alan Moore's Watchmen As The Golden Age Of Superheroes In American Literature

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    never had. On page 182, panels 4-6, Rorschach’s mother relentlessly beats him after one of her patrons storms out on her. Rorschach tries to explain his actions to his mother, stating that he thought the man was hurting her, this can arguably mean he was coming to her aid. Still, she beats him mercilessly. This is a brief example of what he endured in childhood that later manifests itself through his troublesome adolescence and haunts him into adulthood. On page 203 panel 8, Rorschach stands outside

  • The Asian Family

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    During the panel dedicated to working with Asian students, I appreciated them explaining the process of sending their child to their families in their native country. At first, I could not wrap my head around the fact they sent their newborn away for the first years of his or her life. But after further consideration and explanation, I realized it is unfair to judge the actions of a person or family without understanding the various dynamics. They do not want to send their child away, but they feel

  • Maus Essay

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    He almost loses his prize wife, but he proves that he actually cares about her. After the consoling the panel below show a huge family dinner celebrating triumph of Vladek’s hard work getting his trophy wife. Vladek loves Anja and proved so by dealing with an ex girlfriends crazy antics. However his love for Anja is a mild distraction that he has a special

  • The Monkey King Of The Flower-Fruit Mountain

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    104-105. These are the pages I want to talk about because after a few panels the layout of the last 6 panels of these pages had some white somewhat circling the conversation that went on between Jin and Amelia. Jin said that after he opened the closet the events that came after were a “blur.” The whiteness inside the panels enunciates how those scenes were indeed a blur to him. Another thing to point out was in one of the panels Jin had a “jolt of confidence” to ask Amelia to hang out. They emphasized

  • The Mixed-Up Files Essay

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    regarding comic books, include information about their childhoods. However, due to the ambiguity and the detail of the pictures and text in “The Mixed Up Files”, more information about Bell’s childhood is available to the reader.     From the first panels, the reader is immediately immersed in a chaotic scene, with a visibly dysfunctional family. Dishes, toys, and books lay strewn all over the floor. Gabrielle and her siblings are fighting, while their mother lays on the couch reading, unphased by

  • Ella Cinders By Bill Conselman And Charlie Plumb

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    Transitions show time passing or different actions taking place. Ella Cinders uses a little action to action transition and mainly scene to scene transition. Action to action in Ella Cinders shows turning points in the comic. In panels 1 and 2 on tier 4 in comic 2, the detective turns around the girl,who looks like Ella Cinders,only to find out the girl is not Ella Cinders.The transition takes place in the same scene but the characters are doing different actions which is why the

  • Personal Narrative Essay: Negligence In The Workplace

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    the right side. I asked her how the panel in the door got kicked out, and if he had kicked it out, and she said yes. I said did he kick it from the inside or the outside. She looked at me like she did not know what was going on. I said where was he standing when he kicked the door panel out? She was not able to tell me. I asked her were you on the inside or the outside when the panel got kicked out? She just looked at me. I asked her again who kicked the panel out and she said she had. I asked Tiara

  • The Conceptual Framework For Remedies

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    First, the conceptual framework for remedies in the two systems is fundamentally different. In Investor-state state entities and treaty obligations are involved. But, again, the model is plainly one of corrective justice. Whereas the goal of the WTO system is to liberalize trade flows and thereby achieve systemic efficiency and welfare gains, investment protection treaties are concerned with the protection and promotion of foreign investment. As one commentator put it, “the traditional investment

  • Robert Stone Deposition Summary ( Prior Lawsuit )

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    Robert Stone Deposition Summary (Prior Lawsuit) On April 2, 2014, Robert Stone took a deposition for a previous lawsuit. Robert Stone has served a supervisor for Elliott Construction for approximately 27-28 years. Scott Elliott is his direct boss. Prior to working at Elliott Construction, he worked for CG and Company for about four years as a backhoe operator. He has a 9th grade education and never received his high-school diploma. He got arrested a couple years back for a DWI. Mr. Stone