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  • People and Places in the Service Industries

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    1005HSL People and Places in the Service Industries Portfolio Assignment Brief Having completed your quiz, you now need to produce work for your portfolio. The portfolio will be marked out of 100 and forms 50% of the total assessment for the course. There are 3 main parts consisting of 6 sub-sections to the portfolio (1a,1b, 1c, 2a, 2b, & 3) each focussing on the lectures from Weeks 2 to 8. The first step in building this portfolio is to choose a tourism place. This could be a city, hotel

  • Place Symbolism And Land Politics In Beowulf

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    Stuart Elden, in his article “Place Symbolism and Land Politics in Beowulf”, discusses the usage of place in Beowulf. He declares, “In this text, site and place are given a range of symbolic, material, and emotive resonances.” There are copious examples in Beowulf where place has significant meaning. Settings are presented as either good or bad, boundaries are set and crossed, and the placement of boundaries created conflict and exclusion. In Beowulf, there are many places that are clearly presented

  • Birdsfoot Trefoil: My Place In The Future

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    again. Recently, it has been very windy, but this did not impact my area in any major way. One of the topics we have gone over this quarter, is tourism and recreation and the effects they have on a community. When I think of tourism I often think of places like New York City or the monuments in South Dakota.

  • How The Environment Affects A Person And Many Places

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    Places have a lot of significance tied to them depending on what they mean to people. The place that I am going to talk about in this paper reminds me of a peaceful place, because it has provided me with comfort and has allowed me to grow within this calm place. Oxford Dictionary defines place as “A building or area used for a specified purpose or activity: ‘the town has many excellent eating places’. Specific memories link with certain places that individuals go to, and have had them shape them

  • Relationship Between Place And Music And The Song ' Inglan Is A Bitch '

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    to examine the relationship between place and music and analyze the song “Inglan is a Bitch” by Linton Kwesi Johnson in terms of place. “Inglan is a Bitch” exemplifies the link between music and place through its lyrics and sound. First I am going to define cultural geography and discuss how culture is linked to place. Then I will explain local music spaces and why music has a strong sense of place. Next I will analyze how “Inglan is a Bitch” relates to place. After, I will finish with an overall

  • Explore How Perceptions of Belonging or Not Belonging Are Influenced by Connections to Places.

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    location may present us with the perception that we either belong or not belong however, it is the connections that we form with people in places, memories of previous places and ones response to experiences within places that heightens ones sense of belonging or alienation. The concept of belonging through connections with people, experiences and memories in certain places is explored in the texts Romulus my Father a memoir by Raimond Gaita and Oranges and Sunshine directed by Jim Loach. It is not a connection

  • A Small Place Analysis

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    Jamaica Kincaid’s novel A Small Place is a fictional novel about her life growing up on an island that has been imperialised by the British. Jamaica Kincaid shows acrimony to the colonization of her country, towards the corrupt government that has stunted the growth of her country, towards the white people that took Antigua in their hands and molded it into something embryonic. The dictionary defines third world as “the underdeveloped nations of the world, especially those with widespread poverty

  • Compcompare the Ways in Which Larkin and Abse Write About Place.

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    Larkin and Abse write about place. You must include detailed critical discussion of at least two poems by Larkin in your response. In timed conditions Gemma N Larkin and Abse both write about places in a very different, very unique style. One the one hand Larkin talks about the places of his past and how they are no longer accessible; the changing of a beautiful, unspoilt place to something short of an eyesore; a pace he is in but does not feel he belongs and even places within his mind. Alternatively

  • What It Means To Have A Sense Of Place

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    have a sense of place? Some would say that is a trick question, simply because there is no clear-cut definition of what a sense of place is. Every individual’s sense of place is unique to them and it is based off of one’s own experiences, beliefs, and emotions. As J. Anderson, the author of Understanding Cultural Geography, stated “Place is one of the trickiest words in the English language, a suitcase so overfilled that one can never shut the lid” (Anderson 37). A sense of place is much more than

  • A Small Place Analysis

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    Small Place after she had left the island nineteen years ago. During this period, she had been a creative writer living permanently in the United States. She had spent much of her time on the island. Her hostile verbal talk after coming back to the island is an indication of how she is both a tourist and native as she claims ‘every native of every place is a potential tourist, and every tourist is a native of somewhere’(Kincaid,18). She beautifully describes Antigua and describes it as a place where