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  • Plaintiff Complains And For Causes Of Action Alleges

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    Plaintiff complains and for causes of action alleges as follows:  Joeli Rosario is and has been a resident of the City of San Francisco, County of San Francisco. Her current address is: 1418, South Van Ness Avenue. The Connie’s Costume Shop is a sole proprietorship organized and existing under the laws of the State of California with its principal office located at 1685 Bryant Street, San Francisco, CA 941103.  Plaintiff is ignorant of the true names and capacities of Defendants sued as

  • 1.The Plaintiffs Have Suffered Physical And Financial Loss

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    1. The Plaintiffs have suffered physical and financial loss in relation to the following properties: (a) Onehunga property (‘Onehunga’) (b) Herne Bay villa (‘Herne Bay’) 2. The unlawful actions and omissions of each of the Defendants have caused that loss. 3. The First Defendant is sued for his conduct as the Plaintiffs’ real estate agent in connection with an agreement for the sale of the Onehunga property from the Plaintiffs to Hugh’s Property Portfolio Limited, and the Herne Bay agreement.

  • Plaintiff

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    after 10 years of service.” Caroline said, “I am sorry, but at this time there is nothing.” Then the Plaintiff requested, “Can I maybe go full time?” Caroline said, “Sorry. I can’t do that, because you have no future with our company, you will have to look elsewhere.” Plaintiff said, “I have the ability to take on more challenging work and move to the next level. I would like to take on more responsibilities in the department, because I have obtained qualifications and skills to do them.” Caroline

  • Who Is The Plaintiff?

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    Who is the plaintiff? There are three cases highlighted in this snippet of a long and drawn out court battle. (Does the group agree that there are 3 separate cases?) Case Number 2D01-1836: Re: Guardianship of Theresa (Terri) Marie Schiavo Case Number 2D01-1891: Robert Schindler and Mary Schindler (patient’s parents) are the plaintiff. Case Number 2D00-1269: Michael Schiavo (patient’s husband and guardian) is the plaintiff. The defendant? Case Number 2D01-1836: Re: Guardianship of Theresa

  • Plaintiff Summary

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    7. Deny: we had permits from the city and inspectors came out and approved that our Property did comply with the city’s codes and regulations. 12. Neither admit nor deny: the Plaintiff stated that he “…discovered on the County of San Joaquin website that a construction case was filed against…” him but we are not sure how exactly he made this effort if the City of Stockton had not given him any notices. 13. Deny: we finished all construction and did competently close out the permits. 14. Deny: we

  • The Plaintiffs ' Medical Doctors

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    FACTS: The plaintiffs, A. V. Blount, Jr., Walter J. Hughes, Norman N. Jones, Girardeau Alexander, E. C. Noel, III, and F. E. Davis, are medical doctors (practitioners) licensed to practice and practicing medicine in the City of Greensboro, North Carolina. The plaintiffs, George C. Simkins, Jr., Milton Barnes and W. L. T. Miller, are dentists (practitioners) licensed to practice and practicing dentistry in the City of Greensboro, North Carolina. These plaintiffs-practitioners, are all citizens and

  • Plaintiff Case Study

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    Plaintiffs’ allegation that they suffered a constructive eviction is also legally deficient. Although a tenant is justified in abandoning the premises if a landlord’s breach renders the premises uninhabitable, a tenant waives the landlord’s breach if she does not vacate the premises within a reasonable time. Shaker & Associates v. Medical Technologies Group, Ltd., 315 Ill. App. 3d 126, 135 (1st Dist. 2000). Various factors are considered when determining whether the length of time before vacation

  • Gucci Lawsuit Against Gucci

    1245 Words  | 5 Pages, and This websites offer counterfeit goods with Gucci marks and name on a significantly lower quality compared to the genuine counterparts. Gucci as plaintiff accuse that Wang’s website sells goods with the knowledge that his product will be mistaken as a genuine goods designed, made, and approved by plaintiff. Also, this may bring confusion and deception among general public. There are some reason why Gucci is able to file a lawsuit towards Wang in the U.S Federal Court. First

  • The Option Of Mediation, Arbitration, And Negotiation

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    weighed, the best option for the After Grocers Inc. is to resolve the situation using litigation. The option of mediation, arbitration, and negotiation was dismissed due to the fact in which the plaintiff, “seeks to harm their opponents…” (When to Use Mediation, 2013) processed from the possibility that the plaintiff is mad, which is inferred by the tone of the initial response of the husband. That can cause truly lengthy negotiations and highly frustrating mediations. Arbitration could be a viable solution

  • The Case Of The Lawsuit

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    The Complaint Should Be Dismissed Because the Statute of Limitations Has Ran Shahmaleki’s complaint is futile because the statute limitation has run on the civil rights claims. 42 U.S.C. § 1982 does not include its own statutes of limitations. Instead, courts borrow limitation periods from state law. Courts adopt the most analogous limitations period. In Kansas, the analogous action for § 1983 is injury to the rights of another. That means under Kansas law, the statutes of limitations for