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  • Plan Houston

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    The city that I chose to use for Planning in my Hometown was Houston, my actual hometown that I have a lot of love for. Houston is located in south east Texas about an hour and a half north of the Gulf of Mexico. Houston is one of the fastest growing cities in the United States and its population in 2016 was 2,239,558 which that keeps Houston in its spot as the fourth largest city in the United States. There are 25 city departments in Houston covering all different topics that effect our city. In

  • Geological Survey On Geologic Hazards

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    At the conclusion of his letter dated December 7, 2015. Mr. Jonathan Lovekin, the Senior Engineering Geologist for the Colorado Geological Survey stated that the geologic hazards at this site are challenging and have not been fully evaluated or addressed at that time. However, he did conclude by saying “we agree that they can be mitigated to allow the proposed residential use and density.” In February, Rickie Davies, Senior Planner in the Engineering Department commented in an email to you that Eagle

  • Essay On Plat

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    Mrs. Dennis reported the applicants are requesting preliminary and final plat approval for a four-lot subdivision accessed from 910 Lee Road 166 and Lee Road 417. The purpose of the subdivision is to create Lot 3, Lot 4, and revise Lot 2-A. The applicants also request to add a 60-foot Access and Utility Easement between Lee Road 166, Lot 3 flag portion, and Lee Road 417. The property owners also added road frontage and acreage from Lot 1-A to Lot 2-A. The remainder of Lot 1-A is approximately

  • Analysis Of The Allegory Of The Cave, By Plat Plato

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    Imagine what you believe and think to be true is not really true. Now imagine that the things you think, your ideas, and your values are not really yours either. Most would find this preposterous, and likely say something along the lines of “of course my thoughts are my own,” or “what is this The Matrix?” However, that is exactly the truth of what is happening in the world today. We are constantly being fed what the media, government, and others want us to think, and we absorb it like a sponge

  • Plat 325 : Engineering Ethics : Qantas Flight 32

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    PHIL 325: Engineering Ethics Jacob McDonald November 16, 2017 Final Research Paper Qantas Flight 32 I. Part One: Case Presentation 1. Case Narrative On November 4, 2010 Qantas Airlines was operating Flight 32 from Singapore to Sydney, Australia (Administration). Qantas Flight 32 was an Airbus A380 aircraft equipped with four Rolls Royce Trent 900 high bypass ratio turbofan engines (Administration). Five flight crew members, 24 cabin crew members and 440 passengers were onboard Qantas Flight 32 (Administration)

  • Ski Spray Case Study

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    existing subdivision. The proposed plat would continue from the current terminus of Ski Spray Point around the eastern side of the lake. The subject property is currently located in the Planning Jurisdiction but the applicant is discussing annexing the property into the City of Opelika. The plan would include both lots along the lake and those on side streets. The proposed streets would be private based on discussions with the applicant. The proposed plat does make a connection to Lee Road 621

  • Commission Meeting Paper

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    On March 7, 2017, I attended a commission meeting in the City of Aventura. The City of Aventura is a council-manager form of government. According to the authors Cheon Geun Choi, Richard C. Feiock, and Jungah Bae (2013) in their article, The Adoption and Abandonment of Council-Manager Government, most U.S. have this type of government, “The form of city government—typically council-manager or mayor-council in the United States—represents the fundamental choice of governing structure by citizens of

  • The Crew Finished Road Improvements On Magic Water Road By The Beet Dump

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    Director Lancaster related that the crew finished road improvements on Magic Water Road by the beet dump. The crew is currently doing pipe work, moving sand to stockpiles, grading, crack sealing and plowing snow. Director Lancaster related that Dolphy Callen contacted him regarding wanting to graze his cattle on the Curtis Gravel Pit that is owned by the District. Director Lancaster related that Mr. Callen is willing to pay $20 per head of cattle per month to the District. Richard and Gina Carney

  • Wrong Vs Socrates

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    heart to be able to inflict harm on someone else, than the amount of evil it takes to have harm inflicted upon yourself by another person. In the Apology, Socrates makes the statement that “an unexamined life is not worth living for a human being” (Plat. Apol. 38a). When really breaking down this statement I believe that Socrates is saying that if you do not take the chance during your time here on Earth to learn how to do life in a way that is beneficial to yourself, and to society, then it is pointless

  • Comparison Of Socrates In Plato And The Gospel Of Jesus And Greco-Roman And Jesus

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    Two important cultural streams throughout history, Greco-Roman and Judeo-Christian, have different viewpoints on the significance of death and the way one should live their own life. This is evident in the texts Plato, Five Dialogues and the Gospel of Matthew. In each of these texts two well-known men, Socrates in Plato and Jesus in the Gospel of Matthew, are put to death by their society. Each of these men has similar, but also different ideas about how to fulfill their own lives even though they