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    Until I took this course, FHGEN130 Paleography, I did not have a full understanding of what paleography truly was. I understood that by taking this class, I could gain the ability to read records with which I had been having no luck with. Little did I know, that there are so many different scripts to learn and decipher. I now understand the reason why I struggled with reading the records and documents about my ancestors that I had been gathering. Since beginning this course, I now know of and can

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    key information from a whole document. Each skill necessitates the researcher to be precise and detailed. The more you do it the better you’ll get. The Italic script was used in creating colonial American and British records. The Italic script is a semi-cursive script that is slightly sloped. It was introduced in Italy in the 1420’s by Niccolo Niccoli. Italic script is also known as Chancery Cursive. He found that writing in the current Humanist Minuscule handwriting took too long. Therefore, he

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