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  • Polar Bears And Polar Bear

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    Polar Bear Introduction Polar bears live in the Arctic Circle with temperatures that can be minus fifty degrees Celsius. Polar bears are considered marine mammals because they spend the majority of the life at sea, swimming for miles, but they are the only marine mammal that has limbs and also roams on ice and land. Male polar bears generally are twice the size of females, or sow’s. An ancestor of the grizzly bear, polar bears live in the Arctic Circle and spend majority of their time in the

  • Polar Bear Vs Polar Bears

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    this is hurting humans, no one has really thought about how it is affecting the arctic animals. It has affected polar bears and their way of life. Climate change is also affecting lemmings, and the way they use the snow to survive. The Arctic Fox has a new competitor, the Red Fox. Climate Change is affecting the biodiversity of animals and could cause a major extinction. Polar Bears have always relied on sea ice for their main activities. They use the sea ice fro hunting, traveling, and for breeding

  • The Polar Bear : A Description Of The Polar Bear

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    describe a polar bear is the white furred bear that lives on ice – or, in the Arctic. This would not be an inaccurate description of the Ursus Maritimus as it is true, even the name itself translates to “maritime animal” (Derocher et al. 2004). Polar bears “rely on sea ice” as it provides a platform for “hunting, migrating, and mating” without ice, they are forced to move inland to where competition as top predator increases (Hamilton et al. 2014). They evolved from “terrestrial brown bears” to a highly

  • Polar Bear Challenges

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    Polar bear is the largest land carnivore in the world, it is an animal native to the Arctic. They live without definite residence but migrate across the ice and through the seas from Russia to Alaska, Canada to Greenland and onto the Svalbard archipelago. Adequate food and energy are the key for polar bear to survival in the harsh arctic environment. In recent years, however, the polar bears have faced enormous challenges in arctic, where they have no natural enemy. It is well known that the normal

  • The Evolution Of Polar Bears

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    exists in many places, such as Arctic Polar, Alaska, and Canada etc. In Canada and Alaska, numerous “grolars” were founded, which are the descendants of polar bear and grizzly bears, and this new specie is the result of a type of biology evolution.

  • Speech On Polar Bear

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    Land without ice is a very difficult environment for polar bears. This was proven by Canadian photographer Paul Nicklen and Sea Legacy filmmakers when they arrived on Baffin Island in late summer. They came face to face with a shocking sight – a polar bear, starved and slowly dying. “We stood there crying—filming with tears rolling down our cheeks,” said Nicklen. In the video, the polar bear was limping and hanging by a thread of life. The animal had a thin and bony frame, covered with white fur

  • Trends In Polar Bears

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    trend in polar bears is difficult due to the geographical areas polar bears live and due to the fact that there are 5 countries that have polar bears living in their boarders and not every country is dong scientific research on polar bear populations. The Russians, Norwegians and Danes have never completed a full population inventory so it is impossible to know what is the current population and what the status of those populations are. The 2008 COSEWIC Status Report says that polar bear populations

  • Polar Bears In Canada

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    role in the very ecosystem it resides in. The polar bear species are undoubtedly the apex predator of its food chain and a culturally significant species to the indigenous people. With both these traits, it makes the polar bear a true Canadian symbol which is further emphasized by its very place on the Canadian two-dollar coin to the strength and endurance represented by this majestic species. However, no matter how strong and enduring the polar bears are to the arctic, such resilience is not as effective

  • Polar Bears

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    Population of Bears went away from the rest of the species. Because of rivalry for food?? Imprisoned by glaciers and became separated in Arctic. Lots died from the unforgiving/ harsh environment, but those with evolutionary advantage( IE ideal fur colour) stayed alive and reproduced ‘cause paler bears had better advantage owing to the white hue of the habitat, whereas darker fur bears had harder times blending into the frequently icy habitat while hunting. From then, paler bears appeared more often

  • Polar Bears : Climate Change

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    Polar Bears rely upon sea ice for survival. They hunt on seals that are found on sea ice. Climate change and the atmospheric warming have caused the Arctic ice to melt, resulting in loss of habitats for polar bears. This essay will focus on how has climate change and increase in temperature affected the polar bears and what can we do about it. INTRODUCTION In everyday news, there is always that one article that talks about how climate changes are scary and how it is affecting all of us. Some of