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  • Political Polarization : Economic Inequality And Political Polarization

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    INCOME INEQUALITY AND POLITICAL POLARIZATION Researchers agreed that economic inequality and political polarization coincide with one another, because as one rises so does the other (McCarthy, Nolan & Poole 2003). The research for this study also seemed to support the idea that the political polarization increase in recent years is due to the fact that the gap had widened between voters who were republican and identified themselves as conservatives and democratic voters that identified themselves

  • Elite Polarization And Economic Inequality

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    Elite Polarization and Economic Inequality Our nation has been continuously plagued with both an increase in elite polarization as well as an increase in economic inequality. The reason that they are so strongly correlated to each other is because economic inequality is leading to elite polarization and then elite polarization allows no laws to be passed leading to greater economic inequality. So the question being posed is, why has there been an increasing correlation between elite polarization and

  • The Internet And Social Network Sites

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    and tempering our views. We, as humans, also engage in behaviors such as homophily and biased assimilation which have been found to encourage polarizing behavior. This paper tries to explore if polarization is a consequence of informed deliberation or just a result of group dynamics. Keywords Polarization, Homophilia, Deliberation, Personalized content, Social Network Sites (SNS) Introduction The advent of the internet and social network sites (SNS) as a platform for debate and deliberation means

  • Basic Fundamentals And Design Parameters Of Patch

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    CHAPTER 3 BASIC FUNDAMENTALS AND DESIGN PARAMETERS OF PATCH 3.1 Introduction As we all know, Selection of antenna is very important in designing of successful rectenna because antenna is responsible for how much power is received by the circuitry following after the antenna. This chapter describes the theory of antenna and its property, design process, simulations and fabrication of an Microsrip antenna that operates within the microwave frequency range. First we start with a brief explanation of

  • Polarimetrc Imaging Technique For Analysis

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    reveals the polarization parameters of the soft matter breast tissue effectively. It is observed there is a change in the Mueller matrix that which is used to obtain from the Breast tissue with the states of expected seven and four independent analyzed variables. Keywords: - Muller decomposition; Scattering polarization; Imaging through tissue. Introduction:- Biological Tissue being an optical anisotropic material has gained its importance in exhibiting unique optical polarization identity (signature)

  • Essay on Social Polarisation

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    displacements etc. and result in such differentiation that would consist of various social groups, from high-income to low-income (Moulaert, F. et al. (2003)). This essay will outline the two contrasting opinions that Sassen and Hamnett hold of the polarization thesis in the contemporary

  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Polarizer

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    Polarizer A polarizer polarizes the light beam before the light beam interacts with the sample. Compensator A rotating compensator induces phase retardations of a polarization state of the light beam where in the range of wavelengths and the compensator are selected such that at least a first phase retardation value is induced that is within a primary range of effective retardations of substantially 135° to 225°, and at least a second phase retardation value is induced that is outside of the primary

  • Polarization

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    disagreement, and irate confrontations. Mutz believes that this causes Americans to embrace more extreme political views. Uncivil discourse increases polarization by helping partisans think even less of their opponents. A study conducted by Mutz concluded that watching civil versions of political exchanges can lead to decreased levels of polarization. In a civil setting, where differences of opinion are conveyed in a manner which supports mutual respect, viewers are able to see differences

  • Edwin H. Land Invented The Polaroid Camera

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    Edwin H. Land Edwin H. Land invented the Polaroid camera and developed many uses for polarized glass. American inventor Edwin H. Land was the driving force behind the Polaroid Corporation 's engineering and marketing successes. He founded the company to manufacture his inventions, such as polarized windows and sunglasses, and he also produced revolutionary optics for the military during World War II (1939-45). It was his development of the instant camera, however, that made his company famous and

  • Research in the Area of Sinuous Antennas

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    necessitating a compact design. They chose the four-arm sinuous antenna configuration as an alternative to traditional log-periodic antennas, which suffer from polarization variation versus frequency and high cross-polarization levels. Their results have shown that the lens-coupled sinuous antennas do exhibit polarization stability and low cross-polarization levels over a wide band. In addition, the antenna is very efficient, radiating only 5% of its total power to its backside. A much more recent application