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  • Arming Teachers For Schools Are Being Targeted By Those With An Intent

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    to many. An attacker would much rather attack a place with minimal defenses because the likelihood of an effective attack is much higher. If teachers are trained to handle guns properly they would be a great defense at schools. A single resource officer at a school can only cover so much ground, but with teachers armed

  • Emotional Survival For Law Enforcement

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    basis? This book Emotional Survival for Law Enforcement written by Kevin M. Gilmartin, Ph.D. gives us an outline on the difficulty and stress that law enforcement officer and their families face on daily basis. Dr. Gilmartin discusses the stages of hypervigilance. And the long-term effects of hypervigilance and the toll it takes on the officer and his or her family. Author Dr. Kevin M. Gilmartin is retired from the Pima County Sheriff’s Office as a Sheriff’s Deputy in 1995, he started his career with

  • Community Policing Models

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    There are multiple approaches to engaging a police force with the community in order to most effectively prevent and respond to crime, and considering the relative strengths and weakness of each of these strategic models will demonstrate how models can impact the operation of daily policing practices and activities. The model under discussion here is called community oriented policing (COP), and focuses on building relationships and rapport between officers and the community in order to more effectively

  • The Three Types Of Sexual Harassment In Law Enforcement

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    In regards to law enforcement, “[s]exual harassment in policing experienced by female officers includes improper touching, sexist and racist comments, having their personal property destroyed, and having sexual materials (e.g., pornography) placed on their desks” (Gunnison, Bernat, Goodstein, 2017, p. 209). Furthermore, three categories of sexual harassment, hostile environment, quid pro quo sexual harassment, and gender harassment, are often distinguished in reference to workplace. Hostile environment

  • Brooklyn, New York, Where A Lot Of Stars Were Born Or Raised?

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    settlements of whites those are the neighborhood where everything is perfectly renovated and the community is great and more security. The poor neighborhoods are the ones with more needs, need better education, need a better relationship with police officer and especially need better communication with each other, if these issues can be changed then the community little by little will begin to come together. As in Urban Acupuncture states, “street sellers everywhere share a common identity. They

  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder ( Ptsd )

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    Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder in Law Enforcement Post-traumatic stress disorder, also known as PTSD, is a mental challenge faced in law enforcement today. A lot of people will or would say when they hear the acronym, PTSD, they associate it with military members. This is false information and an accusation. PTSD is very prevalent in law enforcement and civilians across the United States. PTSD is usually caused after a highly traumatic moment or incident. PTSD is a large concern because it is

  • Police Force : It 's Not The Polices Fault

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    Militarization of Police force: It 's not the polices fault Would you like people constantly telling you how to do your job? A police officer deals with this on a daily basis. If you look at doctors or nurses, people would never tell them how to do their job, but it seems to be different for law enforcement. Police officers aren 't called to the scene during the happy moments in one 's life, they are called upon when people are at the lowest. Matthew Harwood stated that "militarization of police have been

  • Memorandum Of Goals Examples

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    internship with the Apex Police Department, I am hoping to expand my knowledge, skills and interests that I will be able to apply once I graduate from Meredith College. Throughout my time at Meredith College thus far, I have deepened my knowledge of the motives behind crime and deviance along with social factors that create crime. I am very eager to expand my knowledge, interests, and skills with law enforcement and public safety. I am aiming to gain knowledge about the ways a police station works, the

  • Speech On Safety Of Students And Teachers

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    The Safety of Students and Teachers All around the world thousands of people are dying from selfless acts of terrorists along with misunderstood children taking their lives along with the people around them in their school. In one school police took 20 minutes to show up to the scene, why not have this be stopped sooner? What can we do about this situation to make it better? Armed guards should be placed in all schools around the world. First off, school shootings and threats are becoming

  • Persuasive Essay On Zootopia

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    Easter eggs scattered throughout the movie. From the largest elephant to the smallest shrew, the city of Zootopia is a mammal metropolis where various animals live to thrive. When Judy Hopps the protagonist becomes the first rabbit wanting to join the police force, she quickly learns how tough it is to do something different from others in her kind. Zootopia addressed everything, from stereotypes to racism going through corruption. It is engaging as the