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  • Police Officer Discussion Questions

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    Coming from the perspective of the student, the police were overly forced and he was being arrested for asking a question that he was called on and had the opportunity to speak freely. In this question, he asked if the senator was a part of any secret society. In his mind, he is asking a question he feels is important to him and the community. The question only required a simple yes or no when being answered. Saying a side comment that was away from the microphone, so it was unclear but perhaps what

  • Essay On Chicago Police Officers

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    change in the system. Considering the efforts of the officers, some high rank Chicago officers criticize the “level of disrespect” from the citizens that officers are facing is remarkable. It is evident that the Chicago police officers are not receiving much respect from the people they are serving and they do not get enough support from the city. Moreover, it is true that most Chicagoans look at and criticize all the incidents where police officers show bad performance while on duty, but the people

  • The Police Shootings And Its Effects On All Police Officers Essay

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    wanted Body cams on all Police Officers Better training on deescalating situations An unbiased community over sight board to look into any shooting The Federal government would lead any investigation in all police shootings A review of each Police department to weed out Racial bias in traffic tickets issued, minority arrests An almost military standard of justice where the accused (Police) would need to prove their innocence rather than prosecutors having to prove their guilt. Police Departs would need

  • Police Essay : The Means Of Being A Police Officer

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    Being a police officer is not easy. Being an officer of the law comes with a certain amount of responsibility and there are a certain amount of requirements that are asked of every officer from an everyday beat cop to the chief of police. Being an officer means that your moral compass has to be better than the average person’s. You can’t give in to your vices and your emotions and with the amount of discretion officers have it’s hard to always do the right thing and make the hard calls and that’s

  • Police Misconduct And Brutality Of Police Officers

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    beginning of the structured police forces across the United States corruption, misconduct, and claims of brutality by police officers has been a problem. Police officers who were sworn to protect and serve the people of their communities have been instilled with authority over people. Throughout history anyone having some type of power or absolute authority over another has created controversy. This paper will look into the statements and details of concerns dealing with police corruption, misconduct

  • Discrimination Against Police Officers

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    Discrimination Against Black Officers It is not for debate whether blacks are discriminated against in the workplace. Even after the civil rights act of 1964, which states banned on the basis of race, color, religion, sex or national origin in the workplace, black people continually still face racism. The problem is why is this a problem? Some might argue it’s because racism still exists, and some white people can’t accept the idea of a black person holding the same job title as them. To resolve

  • Pros And Cons Of Police Officers

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    member of the Memphis Police Department. I have become an advocate for requiring entry-level police officers to have at the very minimum an associate degree or the equivalent college credits. The college requirement can only be avoided with military experience. However, my position is not that more education makes you a better police officer or less education makes you a lousy officer. I believe that there should be a “happy medium” when it comes to police work. A good officer will be empathic, fair

  • Evolution of the Police Officer Essays

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    Police officers serve and protect the people in their community. The earliest police force was established around the 1750’s. Although the first police force in the modern sense came to be over 250 years ago, the purpose they had is the same as today. As with the rest of the world advancing and progressing, the police force has advanced in many ways which have made them a more efficient and capable unit, in order to more fully accomplish their purpose of serving their community. In the next few paragraphs

  • Michael Brown And The Police Officer

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    Missouri, an 18 year old man named Michael Brown was shot ten times and killed by a police officer. The police officer’s name is Darren Wilson. He was 28 years old at the time this tragic even took place. Many Americans, both black and white believe that officer Wilson is guilty of first degree murder when he shot Michael Brown, and other Americans believe he acted in self-defense. Because of the fact that the officer is white and Michael Brown was black, the case has stirred up plenty of controversy

  • Blacks : The Toys Of Police Officers

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    Blacks: The Toys of Police Officers Justice is defined as rules that should be applied regardless of your race, ethnicity, and religion. The criminal justice system has always been harsh and unfair toward Black people. Even though slavery was abolished, Black people are seen as the lowest race in the U.S which is totally abnormal. A lot of Black People were killed, but Justice has been mute and blind against Black people. Black Americans cannot walk freely in the streets without fearing