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  • John Owen 's Holy Spirit

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    JOHN OWEN’S VINDICATION OF HOLY SPIRIT’S DEITY AND ITS BENEFITS FOR BELIEVERS Against the Socinians, John Owen vindicated the deity of the Holy Spirit, as well as his benefits for believers, within a Christological context. The Socinians were not the only opponents Owen dealt with, but they were notorious for their anti-Trinitarian views. On Owen’s theological engagement, Crawford Gribben assessed the Socinian threat as a gift to Owen for drawing “attention to the ambiguity of the boundaries of orthodoxy

  • Ellis Island Immigration

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    he made spinning wheels and reels. Even though working is a major part of Michael's life he was also an active member of the German Baptist Brethren Church. They had to walk six miles to church. Michael was a father of six children with his wife Elizabeth. There oldest son was named David. David was also a farmer. He was a member of the Church of Brethren and once was an auditor of York Township. He was a father of 14 children and had a wife named Eleonora. Evelyn, their youngest great grandchild

  • Essay Father and Son

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    Father and Son Just whom is Edmund Gosse’s Father and Son written for? Is it for the Father, or for the Son, or, as Edmund Gosse tells us, for the public, so they can have a record of life in a rigidly religious family? Edmund begins his book by telling you that it is a historical record, an important chronicle that is to be used, basically as a reference for a period of time. Yet, in the first sentence of the first chapter, we can see that this is truly not his purpose. The first words

  • Brethren Essay

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    Brethren Brethren a German Baptist religious group. They were popularly known as Dunkards, Dunkers, or Tunkers, from the German for “to dip”, referring to their method of baptizing. The Brethren evolved from the Pietist movement in Germany. Alexander Mack, a miller who had been influenced by both Pietism and Anabaptism, organized the first congregation in the town of Schwarzenau, Germany in 1708. Though the early Brethren shared many beliefs with other Protestants, issuers which separated

  • Jim Elliot : God 's Instrument

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    Grace Elliott Mrs. Galaviz English 12 15 April 2015 Jim Elliot: God’s Instrument Slap! As the newborn’s cry pierced the air, Philip James Elliot was welcomed into the world on October 8, 1927 (Wikipedia). He was born, like all of us, pink, fragile, and helpless. With time, spiritual maturity, and obedience, he developed into a mighty man of God and great in the Christian faith. People are still impacted by his life and death. Elliot, known as Jim, was a missionary who was brutally killed in the

  • A Look Into Serial Killers

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    John George Haigh: A look into Serial Killers Many people walk through the paths of life hiding secrets from one another. Sometimes these secrets can be small and insignificant to other people. Sometimes people carry around with them much more serious, deep, dark, and often dangerous or disturbing great example of someone who may be carrying around secrets that everyone could agree on are dangerous and disturbing. A serial killer is generally described as a person who has killed more than three

  • What Makes A Manicure?

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    For many getting a manicure done means stress relief, a girls day at the spa, a special occasion, or even an everyday task for some. But have you ever thought about what a manicure actually is, what purpose does it serve? Sure many would say it 's another accessory to finish off the perfect outfit, which can be true. But the amount of skill, training, and preparation behind your manicures can be astonished. Many Nail technicians have years of training and experience under their belts and even then

  • Polish Immigrants To America

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    America. The opportunities for a better life was just one of the many attractions. The Polish came to America in waves throughout the years of immigration to America. They found Chicago to be closest to their home away from home. Life started out difficult with finding jobs and incorporating their culture into their new world, but eventually the Polish immigrants found it to be an easy transition. The beginning of Polish travel started in 1850; which was the first wave of immigrants to come to America

  • Nail Art Techniques

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    TECHNIQUES OF NAIL ART There are different types of nail art techniques, which you can use to make your nails attractive by creating unique designs on your nails. You can use these techniques individually or combinations of different techniques, that make your nail unique, creative and attractive. Some of the techniques are very easy to learn and apply but some of them require more practice and little more hard work to get a great looks to your nails. Some useful and creative techniques of nail art

  • Negotiation Process in Poland

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    Relationship and respect All people in Poland feel they belong to one group. However it does not mean that those people are not individualistic. The great success in business interactions can be achieved through trust and long-term relationship. Polish people need a time to adjust to the new situation, new culture. They have to know you. It concerns both visitors and local people as well. During interview e.g. people have to sometimes