Polow da Don

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    I saw that you don 't really know anyone, and I was wondering if you wanted to team up with me. Everyone else is teaming up with each other and we won 't stand a chance if were alone", he said in a worried tone, like he didn 't know what would happen next, and that was

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    Buried Alive The morning dawned bright and clear, if a little cold. The mountains overhead loomed with patches of snow on their peaks. An ever present reminder that winter was just around the corner. I woke up that day with as light a heart as I had ever had in the years since my dear wife’s death. Pulling on my boots and running a finger through my hair, I went to prepare for another brisk Midwestern day. I paused at my darling little girls room, and gently knocked on the door to wake her. “Hope

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    Despite what it alludes to, Zone 4/Interscope Records rap signee Rich Boy insists his moniker is just a neighborhood nickname ("It doesn't stand for being rich or anything like that.") not a glimpse into his finances. Maybe so, but with the multifaceted talents that 21 year old Marece Richards possesses, his nom de plume will be even more fitting shortly with the release of his debut album, TBD? Born and raised in Mobile, Alabama, Rich Boy grew up in a typical hood upbringing with both positive

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    He isn’t always reinvented by writers. Songs are a type of literature and the people who write songs are writers. I can tell you for a fact when songwriters Nicki Minaj, Polow da Don, Sir Mix-a-Lot, Jonathan Solone-Myvett, Marcos Palacios, and Ernest Clark were writing the famous song Anaconda, they were not thinking of ways they could reinvent Shakespeare. If they were, I’d listen to the song more often. Unless I’m missing

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