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  • PULSE: Peers Understanding Listening Supporting Education

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    Tucked away under the Health Center lies a glass door. A glass door that doesn’t lead to another o-chem lab or history class, but to a group of students who devote their time to the health and wellbeing of the rest of the 20,000 students who attend Cal Poly SLO. These students comprise a group called PULSE. PULSE: Peers Understanding Listening Supporting Educating. Each word describes exactly how PULSE serves the college. From daily consultations to campus-wide events, PULSE makes its presence known on

  • Geo Proposal Example

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    Introduction The California State Polytechnic University of Pomona student chapter of the California Geotechnical Engineering Association would like to thank you for your sponsorship consideration. Sponsorships allow for Cal Poly Pomona students to have an enriched learning experience and incorporate a deeper connection with our “learn by doing” philosophy. The sponsorship donations to CalGeo will allow for our members a greater opportunity of educational and professional development. Sponsorships

  • Properties And Synthesis Of Poly

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    Properties and Synthesis of poly[p-2,5-dihydroxy-phenylenebenzobisoxazole] MANOJNA EDARA 306868401 GANNON UNIVERSITY Introduction: In recent years, poly( p-phenylene-2,6-benzobisoxazole) (PBO) fibers have become prominent in high vigor applications such as body armor,ropes and cables, and recreational equipment. The objectives of this study were to expose woven PBO body armor panels to elevated temperature and moisture, and to analyze the chemical, morphological and mechanical

  • Progressive Era Cal Poly

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    a local journalist gathered the townspeople to lobby for a state school in their town. They got the governor to sign legislation to establish California Polytechnic School. The first classes were on October 1, 1903. During the Progressive Era Cal Poly started out as a vocational high school. The school became the country’s leading undergraduate university in the West. In 1914 Robert Weir Ryder was given the role as director. Students of the university assembled a student body association and the

  • Thermodynamics Of Mixing Of Poly Essay

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    Thermodynamics Paper: Thermodynamics of mixing of poly(vinyl chloride) and poly(ethylene-co-vinyl acetate) Introduction The mixing of poly(vinyl chloride) (PVC) and poly(ethylene-co-vinyl acetate) (EVA) is investigated for its thermodynamic properties such as enthalpy of mixing and glass transition temperature. Both the two pure polymers and the mixtures are investigated in terms of specific heat as well. The mixing of PVC and EVA are investigated because of the possible use of EVA as a plasticizer

  • Discuss the role of poly-glutamine (poly-Q) in Huntington’s disease (HD) Introduction: The gene

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    Discuss the role of poly-glutamine (poly-Q) in Huntington’s disease (HD) Introduction: The gene IT15 (Interesting Transcript 15) (Zheng et al, 2010) codes for the protein Huntingtin (htt) which contains exon1 (XN1). XN1 is the nucleotide sequence that is within Htt protein. Polyglutamine (poly-Q) is a short protein fragment of more than two amino acids called a peptide that is within XN1. It is the consequences of the expansion in poly-Q that causes Huntington’s Disease (HD). HD is the condition

  • Replace The Poly-Com System

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    I think it is time to replace the Poly-Com System. It has not been updated in years. Most of the Poly-Coms in the jail no longer work. Out of the 6 Poly-Coms on each floor of the jail, only 2 still function. Replacing the system would increase workplace efficiency and Replacing the System would allow all of our office to work more efficiently. Right now, most attorneys in the office have to physically go to the jail. After they pay to park and are screened to enter, we still have to wait almost

  • The Importance Of Cal Poly Pomona

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    Cal Poly Pomona is widely known for its engineering, architecture, and its agriculture. With the College of Engineering housing 61 laboratories But what some might not know is that it is interestingly known for its Horse Show Team, which is a part of the Intercollegiate Horse Show Association. While this is immensely exciting, it is not something that I am particularly interested in. To my surprise, Cal Poly Pomona is a commuter school, which means that people are hardly on campus when classes are

  • Personal Narrative: Poly

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    February 10, 2010: I was in a strange new environment with diverse people all around me. In my beginning years of intermediate school, I was shy and refrained from any interaction. Adapting to a new culture and language seemed challenging at a young age. I would remain silent in class and sit in a corner during recess. I knew I had to put in more effort to socialize with my peers; however, my flawed English prevented me from doing so. As a result, I struggled to make friends and spent many nights

  • Observation Of Intersection In Cal Poly

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    INTRODUCTION More and more students are being accepted into Cal Poly every year and the campus is building more on-campus housing to accommodate for this new population of students and to encourage students to stay on-campus. This increase of students causes many problems because already the classes are impacted, the parking lots are impacted, and the streets are impacted. According to Cal Poly’s Campus Master Plan, even more housing will be built on campus by repurposing lands instead of expanding