Polynesian culture

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  • The Polynesian Culture And Culture Essay

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    moment, I had realized that the celebration of being a Polynesian had begun, and I was more than ready to begin the journey to experience a different culture first hand. The Polynesian celebration made me realize that people of any ethnicity and background can come together to experience and enjoy other cultures with a plethora of people. The first part of the Polynesian pride festivities includes the introduction of the Polynesians from the Polynesian Triangle, a region of the Pacific Ocean with three

  • How Do Tattoos Communicate In Polynesian Cultures

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    tattoos communicate in Polynesian cultures? in the U.S.? The skin stories we learned about in class in Polynesian culture was very interesting. In their culture tattoos have a deeper meaning then some American tattoos. The origin of where they come from is a lot different, not to say that U.S tattoos are not important. Because there are plenty of passionate talented artists out there, that do a solid job at making special tattoos for people every day. But the story of Polynesian tattoos came to be is

  • Persuasive Essay - Persuasive Travel

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    I wish I could go back to this exquisite heaven where the sun is always shining. The warm welcome followed by the tropical, soft pink leis, is very inviting. Although often related to Hawaii, I can assure you this island is much better. From the culture to the landmarks, this island has it all. When I landed in Bora Bora, I was overwhelmed with its beauty. As we drove down the narrow dirt road, I was in awe. This was not like anything I had seen in the past. It looked like a village from a fairy

  • Analysis Of The Disney Movie Moana

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    The movie that I have been researching about this semester is the Disney movie Moana. Moana’s storyline is about this young girl who sets out to the ocean with a Demigod, Maui, who has been stranded on an island for thousands of years now. When Moana and Maui find each other, they discuss about going out onto an adventure together to see if they could find new land to live on in order to save her people. While Moana and Maui are out at sea with each other, they are faced with new and difficult challenges

  • Authenticity And Cultural Identity In A Disney Story : Moana

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    The movie that I have been investigating in terms of its authenticity and cultural origins is Moana. Moana is a Disney movie about this young girl who sets out to sail with a Demigod, Maui, who has been left stranded on an island for thousands of years. When Moana and Maui meet each other, they discuss going on an adventure together out to see to see whether they can find new land to live on. While they are out at sea finding new land, they have to face a few obstacles which make their journey run

  • My Hawaii Culture

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    praising, and just appearing together as one. My goal for the week is to learn more about the culture, its traditions, and its people. Hawaii is a place with an incredible history and culture, much different from mine. That is why I have so much interest in this culture. The luaus, the food, and the overall environment is what is drawing me in, and are some of the more intriguing aspects of the Hawaiian culture. One of the main events we are attending is the luau. A luau is a Hawaiian feast or party

  • The Evolution Of The Hokulea

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    The Evolution of the Hokulea The story of the Hokulea, a model of the first canoes that brought the first Polynesians to Hawaii, is a story that restores cultural pride and history to Hawaiians. Her legacy was almost extinct, but survived and restored the relationship that society has with its island home. More than 600 years had gone by without seeing one of these canoes, until artist Herb Kane thought to build a sailing canoe just like the ones his ancestors sailed (Hokulea.com). Polynesia was

  • Essay on Hawaiian Navigation

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    Hawaiian Navigation How did the Polynesians find their way to Hawaii, over two thousand miles from any other land? Was it over population at home, or political turmoil? Whatever reason for leaving these people used amazing knowledge and skill of the ocean and of the sky to navigate them to this new land. They faced the unknown and braved into the wide-open ocean for long periods of time. The real focus in this paper is on the navigation techniques that they used in these voyages throughout

  • Summary Of The Movie Moana

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    Musker. The thing that sets this film apart from others is that the princess, Moana, doesn’t seek romance to feel full. Instead, this film demands for young children to embrace their family and community while remaining heroic and authentic to their culture. Moana was an original film, emotionally engaging, and it stuck to Disney’s style while following its own rules. When I first saw this film, I was relieved by the fact that this Disney princess movie had a romance-free plot, which asserts Moana’s

  • Disability In Early Childhood Education Essay

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    and this in turn makes the child feel left out and feel like they don’t belong anywhere. Personal identity can result in inequity, as it deals with people creating their own identity which can be linked to their everyday experiences within their culture and