Polynesian Voyaging Society

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  • The Evolution Of The Hokulea

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    The Evolution of the Hokulea The story of the Hokulea, a model of the first canoes that brought the first Polynesians to Hawaii, is a story that restores cultural pride and history to Hawaiians. Her legacy was almost extinct, but survived and restored the relationship that society has with its island home. More than 600 years had gone by without seeing one of these canoes, until artist Herb Kane thought to build a sailing canoe just like the ones his ancestors sailed (Hokulea.com). Polynesia was

  • Essay on Hawaiian Navigation

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    Hawaiian Navigation How did the Polynesians find their way to Hawaii, over two thousand miles from any other land? Was it over population at home, or political turmoil? Whatever reason for leaving these people used amazing knowledge and skill of the ocean and of the sky to navigate them to this new land. They faced the unknown and braved into the wide-open ocean for long periods of time. The real focus in this paper is on the navigation techniques that they used in these voyages throughout

  • Kenneth C. Davis 's Don 't Know About History

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    Kenneth C. Davis, the author of Don’t Know Much about History, claimed that the true discoverers of America were the people whose cultures and societies were well established here while Europe was still in the Dark Ages, the so-called Indians. For all the diversity of the First Americans, they inherited certain common traits from their old world ancestors. Reflecting their Asiatic heritage, they were generally short to medium stature, with straight black hair, light brown skin, had epicanthic fold

  • Authenticity And Cultural Identity In A Disney Story : Moana

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    The movie that I have been investigating in terms of its authenticity and cultural origins is Moana. Moana is a Disney movie about this young girl who sets out to sail with a Demigod, Maui, who has been left stranded on an island for thousands of years. When Moana and Maui meet each other, they discuss going on an adventure together out to see to see whether they can find new land to live on. While they are out at sea finding new land, they have to face a few obstacles which make their journey run

  • The Revolution Of The United States Government

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    text, and my own personal thoughts, I am a firm believer that we are in a revolution at this day in age, and will always continue to be in a revolution so long as the human race is here. I believe that being human, means you’re always changing and society is always revolving. As there are countless revolutions occuring at this time... I will like to state a few that I have personally witnessed. These are: a political revolution, describing the never ending changes in the United States Government; and

  • The History of Surfing

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    Today surfing is a multi-billion dollar industry. It has been taken up on every continent on Earth. There have been waves surfed that were created by the breaking of an arctic glacier. China has built an indoor wave pool a thousand miles from the closest ocean that perfectly simulates a real breaking wave. People are finding ways to surf by any means necessary. Anyone that has ever picked up a board and paddled into a break owes that experience not only to the ancient pioneers that created the

  • Descriptive Essay - Original Writing

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    Seeking Santa a spot near the radiator, behind the chair,my hiding place each Christmas Eve,in my dreams is always there.with twinkling lights reflecting off the icicles,so many, the star that shone so bright ontop, the gifts beneath, aplenty.I 'd sit there waiting, eager to see, the jollyold elf who seemed to know me, no movewould I make, not a peep nor a soundin case Santa came and I would be found.quiet and warm and tucked in tight, I 'dwait there alone in the dark on that night,sure I would see

  • The World Of The Maori Essay

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    Maori Women The Maori people sailed to the islands of New Zealand from other Polynesian Islands such as the Cook Islands, Tonga, and Samoa, arriving from about 1250 to 1300 CE. There the Maori organized into tribes, called iwi, and developed a warrior culture because of the lack of resources on the islands. Yet Maori culture inside the tribes became based around the community precisely from the lack of resources as well. The collective mindset means, as described by Annie Mikaere, who is a modern

  • The Life and Contribution to the Development of the British Empire of James Cook

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    The Life and Contribution to the Development of the British Empire of James Cook I) Introduction      The purpose of this paper is to describe the life and the contribution to the development of the British Empire of one of the most important English explorers. It was in the second half of the 18th century when James Cook, originally a poor farm boy, explored and mapped vast uncharted areas of the Pacific and the Atlantic Ocean. However, James Cook was not ‘only’ an explorer. He can also