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  • The Interaction Of Gods / Goddesses And Humans In The Epic Of Gilgamesh

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    1. Analyze how The epic of Gilgamesh is an epic. a. The elements of an epic consist of many things. A few of those elements are that it has a vast setting (many countries around the world), A hero that battles natural and supernatural forces, and Divine intervention in the lives of humans. Gilgamesh contains all these elements and more, thus making is an epic. 2. Discuss hospitality in The Odyssey. a. Hospitality goes two ways; Guest have responsibilities just like the

  • Antigone Reflection

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    A play is defined through many aspects: the actors, the setting, and the script. The success of a play is determined by the combination of these aspects, and work together to develop a play that properly conveys its story to the audience. Our production of Antigone was a tremendous success due to excellent actors, well-written script, and thoughtful design. Through the communal effort of everyone in the class, we were able to develop a serious and impactful rendition of Antigone. Each of us provided

  • Hecuba And The Bacchae Electra Analysis

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    1. In this part there is a chorus of Corinthian women. And in the first stanza they are talking about how they are supporting Medea and how things have changed. “It is the thoughts of men that are deceitful, their pledges that are loose.” Here they are talking about Jason’s lies and his betrayal towards Medea. They are saying that because of men there is prejudices towards women. But they are saying that now they will have the honor and escape those prejudices. Because Medea’s unexpected resolve

  • The Play Antigone By Sophocles

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    The play Antigone by Sophocles provides multiple themes to the reader. One of which is Individual vs State as Antigone goes against Creon 's rule. This act of defiance is due to the feeling by an individual that what they believe is correct over that of a states law. This theme when applied to modern times can be interpreted as government vs personal freedoms. A person will always act on the values that they have and on those values souly, even when that is against the laws set in place. This idea

  • Rex And Antigone And Oedipus

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    The characters of Sophocles’ Oedipus Rex and Antigone’s actions can be explained in terms of cultural or religious implications, gender expectations, and the impact of authority on a personal scale. Austrian Psychologist, Sigmund Freud interpreted, or in some cases misconstrued, the behavior of the characters as disturbances in the part of the brain humans have no control over- a perspective known as the psychoanalytic approach. Freud claimed that all of man's actions are a manifestation of the workings

  • The Moon Is Down By John Steinbeck And Antigone : An Analysis

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    deserves their freedoms and they will not stop until the town is back under their control. Antigone went against Creon’s law to stand up and carry out her beliefs by giving Polyneices the burial he deserved. Creon decided to bury Eteocles and not Polynices, since he put the town of Thebes is danger. Antigone, despite her lack of ability to create a change due to her gender, did not like this decision, and wanted to give her brother the burial he deserved. She had the thought to bury him from the start

  • Antigone vs. Iliad Essay

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    Love is a very powerful emotion. In both Antigone and The Iliad there are many different types of love portrayed. The love one has for their child for example, or the love for a close family member or friend. There is also the love one experiences when they feel they have found their mate in life. In examining the excerpts from Antigone and The Iliad I was able to draw the conclusion that Antigone portrays the different types of love in a more realistic way. When I read The Iliad for the

  • The Tragic Tragedy Of Antigone By William Shakespeare

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    In the play, Antigone, one of the main characters made some life-changing decisions that would end up leading to sacrificing her own life. This main character being Antigone. In this tragic play, it evidently seems as if she is portrayed as someone who is different from everyone else. Unlike the rest of the characters, she is an independent woman and is beautiful in her own unique way, however, she has made some costly mistakes, which is always found to be startling; although she utilizes herself

  • The Cost of Prohibiting an Individual from Pursuing Their Own Good Life?

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    pursuit of Antigone’s good life as depicted in the play Antigone. Antigone’s view of building the good life was to honor the Gods and what they wished upon the people. When Antigone’s two brothers die Kreon declares “a proclamation, not to honor him [Polynices] with funeral rites or wail for him”( Sophocles, line 203-204), this went against the views of the Gods. Antigone would rather go against Kreon’s word and please the Gods by preforming the burial rites for her brother, in pursuit of her own good

  • The Heroes Of The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald

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    Ever since we started this thing we like to call school or learning we have been shown countless oddities through history. Everything from writers like Homer, strong hearted warriors with their kings and queens, all the way up the the Parthenon where they can all stand together equal. They had pride and love for their people and their land. We have also learned that today things are much different. We do not have the strive for life and knowledge the way we used to and things are not necessarily