Pope Marcellus I

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  • Among Palelestrina's Masses, The Pope Marclus Mass Analysis

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    1. Among Palestrina’s Masses, the Pope Marcellus Mass was among a small number that did not include what? According to The Oxford History of Western Music, the Pope Marcellus Mass is one of Palestrina’s few Masses that doesn’t consist of “preexisting material.” In fact, prior to Palestrina writing the Pope Marcellus Mass, he had written over thirty paraphrase Masses (imitation masses) which were Masses that borrowed at least two or more parts from another piece of music (e.g. all

  • The Development Of New Zealand Art From The 20th Century

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    “The development of New Zealand Art from the 20th into the 21st Century” New Zealand is home to various great artists who have crafted and created a platform for current, new and upcoming New Zealand artists. Throughout the 19th Century New Zealand artwork was predominantly based around New Zealand’s scenery, artists during the 20th Century such as Rita Angus demonstrated through her artworks landscapes and sceneries of New Zealand whereas other New Zealand artists such as Gordon Walters incorporated

  • Comparing Medieval Chants and 20th Century Rap Essay

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    both similar, but at the same time, completely different. The way that they are performed and set up, or structured, is where the most evident differences occur. The Medieval chant, also known as the Gregorian chant, has been credited to Pope Gregory I. Medieval chants originated around the year 600 A.D. The purpose behind the creation of chant was to fight the political, and somewhat social, stress

  • The Rise Of The Papacy

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    age Rome has been associated with the birth place of the Papacy but history shows that Constantine moved the capital of the Roman Empire to Constantinople in the 4th century. In Constantinople the father of the church was referred to as the Pope. The word Pope simply means “father,” and in early times was used to refer to any important and respected bishop. In Rome the father of the church was referred to as the Bishop of Rome. It is the purpose of this paper to present evidence of the individuals

  • The Slice Of A Knife

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    different about James’s face was the single tear that rolled down his cheek and hung on the cliff of his chin amongst his stubble. As it fell from his face, his body smashed forward into the wooden table. And in that moment I felt completely alone. James was the only reason I was there with the oudious group of so-called ‘friends’. Only a few moments before we had been having a wonderful time, drinking wine out of chipped coffee mugs and reminiscing about ‘the good old days’. Then in a beat of a

  • Lofty Diction In The Life Of St Degory

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    Saint Gregory of Nyssa opens his narrative The Life of St. Macrina, with a justification as to why he is documenting accounts of St. Macrina’s life. St. Gregory, St. Macrina’s brother, sets out to create a narrative that is both “artless and simple”, but rather, we receive a rich, detailed expression of admiration and praise (77). According to St. Gregory, Macrina was the spiritual leader in their family, using her knowledge of Scripture and philosophy to motivate her family and others to cast off

  • Music: A Middle Ages

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    There were several genres of the A Middle Ages as well as the Renaissance. During the Renaissance period, the vast majority of the musical moved from the church to the courts. Composers were more open to experimentation, and had more imaginative opportunity and basically were no longer afraid of the churches response. In this time frame the church had less control over musical movement and this allowed the composers to go in their own direction with minimum consequences. In this time frame the Kings

  • Teenage Girl Monologue

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    understatement what the fu.... I explain about everything the d.n.a trial the Dr McCormick everything in a high pitched voice of a teenage girl when I finally finished Vera still shocked says what your saying is impossible. No shit I say in a way that seems bitchy. We have to get you to this Dr McCormick. I text her no answer and I call and don't even get an answering machine start to panic I will come back as I start to panic I don't want to be a girl I don't know how to be a girl. I want to be me/John as

  • Common Core Standards Analysis

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    know and be able to do at the end of each grade. To evaluate John Black and Maria Mendoza’s opinion essay, I will be using the CCSS generic 4-point opinion-writing rubric. I will use each of the three main categories from the rubric, which include: statement of purpose/focus and organization, language and elaboration of evidence, and conventions to evaluate the two student writing samples. I will give the students a score of 0-4 for each category and discuss a lesson to address the certain writing

  • How the Catholic Church Held Up During the Middle Ages Essay

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    one thing did, and that was the Catholic Church. The Catholic Church consists of Popes, Bishops, Clergy, and Monks, and Nuns were also part of the Church. Also during the Middle Ages, it also produced many great philosophers (Funk & Wagnall’s, 275). From the Middle Ages to the 13th century, the church played important role as authority, influence. The Catholic Church held up due to the power of the Pope, Pope Gregory’s policies, and the Church was a part of the citizen’s daily lives. In the