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  • Pope Francis : Becoming A Pope

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    Becoming a Pope is a very demanding challenge. Not only you are the priest of the whole Catholic Church, which has over one billion members, they have to maintain peace in the others churches. Pope Francis is one of those Popes who preserves and is currently the Head of the Catholic Church. He endured many hardships throughout his life. He started from the very bottom to now the top. A biography written by Elisabetta Pique about Pope Francis and a couple of websites tell his life and becoming a Pope is actually

  • African Popes

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    “THE AFRICAN POPES OF THE ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH” According to the Liber Pontificalis, three of the early Roman Catholic popes were natives of Africa. Pope Victor 1, Miltiades and Gelasius I. The Liber Pontificalis is a Latin book which was written as early as the second or the fourth century AD and it consist all the detailed records and biographies of the first 90 popes of the Roman Church, including origins, place of birth, and the length of their services (Davis). The informations which was

  • Napoleon And The Pope

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    NAPOLEON AND THE POPE 1. Napoleon and the Pope was written by Edward Elton Young Hales. The book was initially published in 1962 and later there were numbers of translations to other languages. Hales is an English catholic historian born in England. He was an inspector in the British Ministry of Education in London in 1950s. Apart from the Napoleon and the Pope, the author has written many books related to the Catholic Church. Those include Pio Nono, Mazzini and the secret societies, The Catholic

  • Corrupt Pope Corrupts

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    In the same way we see another corrupt pope having the same problem when pope John XXIII quoted: “Italians come to ruin most generally in three ways, women, gambling, and farming. My family chose the slowest one.” Just in saying that shows you how easily persuade and corruptible he was. Woman weren't his only downfall being pope, but other corrupted sins such as: Simony. It started when Pope John wanted a third occupation after advancing in his military position and then getting his doctorate being

  • The Pope As A Spiritual Place

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    The Pope is the bishop of Rome and the head of the Roman Catholic Church. The Pope is one of the most important religious aspect to Christians from all around the world. This means that he represents Jesus Christ’s love and care for every individual. That is why the Pope 's priority is to get to know people, understand how they live, listen to their interests while sharing hardships and joy. In addition, “the Pope is also the Unifier of the People of God.” The Pope travels all around the world,

  • Pope Francis Controversy

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    On the New York Times opinion page Room for Debate, a question was pondered “How Radical is Pope Francis?” The debate centers on the issue of whether or not Pope Francis is focused on spreading Catholic beliefs or on dispersing a liberal point of view. A full version of the text written on September 17, 2015 can be found at the following link http://www.nytimes.com/roomfordebate/2015/09/17/how-radical-is-pope-francis. The issue is debated by two scholars, Megan J. Clark and Randy Boyagoda and a journalist

  • Pope John XXIII

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    Pope John XXIII’s real name was Angelo Giuseppe Roncalli. He was born on November 25, 1881 at Sotto il Monte, Italy. His feast day is October 11. During 1921, Pope John XXIII was called to Rome to help improve the society of the Propagation of Faith. He was then nominated to be the archbishop of Areopolis. Immediately after this event he chose to focus his work to help fix any of the problems in the Eastern Churches. Then during 1953, he became the cardinal patriarch of Venice. Because of his works

  • Pope Boniface VIII

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    state in medieval Europe includes the between the Christian church and the various people and other states in Europe. During the time they had hard and struggles times under the kings and pope they had. So after they had to recreate the age During medieval time Europe had a hard time. It was around the time of Pope Boniface VIII represents a horrible time in history with dramatic struggles that happen between the secular ideas of a growing number of people's groups and leaders against the a tough influence

  • Pope Francis Influence

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    Church. For the first time in its history, a Pope from the Americas was chosen to lead. It was expected that the newly elected American Pope, who called himself Francis after St. Francis of Assisi, would help restore the Catholic Church’s reputation, reform the clerical bureaucracy, and reinvigorate Catholic participation. In the first few months of his papacy, that is exactly what he did. Pope Francis did away with ornate and rigid traditions of previous popes. He restructured core Vatican institutions

  • Pope Gregory Vii and Pope Innocent Iii: a Comparative Study

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    dozens in this effort to define the powers of the lay versus that of the spiritual: Emperor/kings Henry IV and John of England, and the popes who aggressively challenged their exertions of authority, Pope Gregory VII