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  • Folk Culture And Popular Culture

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    are just a few different rituals and cultures that exist all around our world. They might not be what we call “normal,” but to those who are practicing them, they are part of their popular or folk culture, and for them, are completely normal. Perspective is everything. The main difference between folk and popular culture is the impact it has on society. Folk culture is usually practiced within a small group of people or city. On the other hand, popular culture is seen in a large group or country

  • Popular Culture is Not the Devil

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    Popular Culture Is Not The Devil Many people can agree that popular culture is invasive, but the opinions differ on how invasive it actually is and whether it is harmful or beneficial. In David Denby’s Buried Alive: Our Children and the Avalanche of Crud, he clearly states his opinion of popular culture and how it has invaded his home and the attitude of his children. The main source of popular culture according to Denby is the media, which has become “three-dimensional, inescapable, omnivorous

  • Seeker Popular Culture

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    Seeker churches show how Christianity has been influenced by popular culture for a number of reasons. One of those reasons being the contemporary atmosphere in these churches. Often, the area from which the preacher delivers his message appears more like a rock stage than a traditional church. Additionally, these churches tend to play more contemporary music with Christian messages. This contemporary setting and the contemporary music cater to people who do not want the traditional church atmosphere

  • Misrepresentation In Popular Culture

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    The exclusion, or rather misrepresentation of people of color in popular culture has become a cataclysm in our society. Regrettably, the exclusion, or blatant misrepresentation hadn’t received as much deserving cognizance until recent controversies surrounding the 2016 Oscars. Seemingly, the visual of a uniformed—undiversified audience served as a catalyst for awareness; the tension from the issue unveiled how there was still an undercurrent racism present in the system, and that in turn exposed

  • Stereotypes In Popular Culture

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    Popular culture is more visible in our modern day society than ever before. Stereotypes (both good and bad) are being thrown around unfairly by those who aren't even educated about the topic. Ironically, our society continues to listen to these uneducated individuals and as a result, these individuals are having a large impact in the way society looks at certain topics. Let's not discard the simple fact that we too are guilty of throwing these unfair criticisms and stereotypes at individuals whom

  • The Illusion Of Popular Culture

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    The Illusion of Popular Culture In the early 19th century a man by the name of Phineas Taylor Barnum changed popular culture with his extraordinary talent of promoting and advertising. His first success came with a slave woman known as “Joice Heath” who he claimed to be the nurse of George Washington. If this was true it would put Joice at 161 years old, thousands of people went to see “The greatest natural and national curiosity in the world” (Perlman 4/6/16) which turned Joice from an elderly

  • Drugs in Popular Culture

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    Presentation Word Count: 1099 The Relationship between marijuana use amongst teenagers and the popularity of West Coast Rap Music Introduction Marijuana has been around for hundreds of years and the use of marijuana has been becoming more and more popular especially among teenagers (Lee, 2012). Music has also been around for a very long period of time, in a vast aray of genres. What has changed in music however, is the references to drugs (specifically marijuana) especially in rap music. Marijuana

  • Popular Literature : Mirroring Culture In Popular Novels

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    Mirroring Culture in Popular Novels Elie Wiesel is a holocaust survivor and a writer quoted, “Without memory, there is no culture. Without memory, there would be no civilization, no society, no future” (www.brainyquote.com) . What I think Elie Wiesel is saying by this quote is that often culture is stored in stories such as in the short story, ‘My Favorite Chaperone’ by Jean Davies Okimoto, and ‘Counting by 7’s’ by Holly Goldberg Sloan. These stories also explore what happens to culture when it attempts

  • Essay On Pop Culture

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    produced over 1,400 films to date, grossing trillions of dollars and releasing films in several countries all around the world (Disney News). Popular culture has spread at an exponential rate and only continues to become more and more widespread. In our technology driven society, it is becoming harder and harder to avoid the ever-growing reach of popular culture. Video games, movies, television series, and web-based media have become increasingly expansive as more people have access to these types of

  • Political Stereotypes In Scandal

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    The political thriller Scandal which began airing in 2012 has become an immensely popular television show. The protagonist Olivia Pope is portrayed by the actress Kerry Washington. Olivia Pope is a crisis manager who runs her own firm, Pope & Associates, which specializes in managing political situations and making the problems of the elite go away. Scandal, challenges the mainstream blueprint used to construct most television shows in Western society. Primarily, Scandal breaks down stereotypes of