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  • Population Explosion

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    POPULATION EXPLOSION INTRODUCTION: Population explosion is condition where an organisms numbers exceeds carrying capacity of its habitat.It is a curse and is damaging to the development of the country and its society.The developing countries already facing lack in their resourses,and with the rapidly increasing population,the resourses available per person ,further leading to increased poverty,malnutrition and other large population related problems. The literal meaning of population is “the

  • Population Overpopulation

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    have been roaming the Earth for about 17,000 years. Over the last fifty years, human population grew faster than it has ever before. In the 1960s, the world population was at about 3 billion people, increasing to an estimate of 6 billion people by 1999. The expected growth of world population from 6 billion people in 1999 is about 9 billion people by 2044, causing the world to become overpopulated. The word “population” causes many different reactions and thoughts. For example, it stimulates anger because

  • What Can You Tell About A Population By Looking At Its Population Pyramid?

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    What can you tell about a population by looking at its population pyramid? Population pyramid is a visual representation of a population and it’s distribution with relation to the young, old, female, and male individuals residing in a particular country or region. Each horizontal bar within the pyramid represents a 10-year birth group; in other words, each of the bars represents individuals born during that same 10-year period. By comparing these bars we can identify approximate proportion of each

  • The Importance Of Population Development In Australia

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    Indigenous forcibly had to share their land, the growth of population and development that Australia has experienced is unprecedented. Currently Australia’s population stands at 24 Million and it is on a continuous rise, due to a combination of both, a high birth rate and a significant number of immigrants per annum. As a multicultural nation, the immigration intake is a major factor, and is said to have generated just over half (56%) of population growth, this is due to the demand to settle permanently

  • The Problem Of Ageing Population Essay

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    having longer life due to economic well-being, better nutrition and improvement of medical facilities. Ageing population has entailed an increasing share of old persons in the population. However, longer life expectancy has resulted in the ageing of population and has caused worldwide concerns of the problems it may consequently arouse. The two major reasons of the ageing population trend are the rising longevity and the decline of fertility rate. If the proportion of elderly people continues

  • New Population Bomb Analysis

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    Jack Goldstone’s New Population Bomb: The Four Megatrends that Will Change the World establishes the four megatrends that population growth will have in the world’s development. He established that the change in the current economic status quo that will be shifting from developed countries to developing countries, all this due to the uneven increasing of the world’s population. He argued that the trend of industrialized countries on population growth is decreasing compared to developing countries

  • Europe's Aging Population : Europe

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    Europe’s Aging Population Europe provides a well-documented example of a developed region experiencing an aging population. Carone et al. (2005) say that over the coming decades, the number of people aged 65 and over in the EU is predicted to double, as a result the old age dependency ratio will change to 2:1, meaning that for every two people of working age there will be one aged 65 or older. The scale of the aging population is compounded by the region’s low fertility, with member states averaging

  • The Demography Of Aging Population In China

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    Demography of aging In 2017, the world population is at 7.5 billion people. China is the most populated country in whole world. It has “1.379 billion” (Google) people making it the largest populated country. China is also the most largest aging population making it have a high life expectancy and the high accelerating aging rate in the world (Zheng, 2012). China has advanced with technology and also with age. Only “three decades ago, only 5 percent of the populations was over 65; today, 123 million people

  • Racial Populations In San Diego

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    Today, no single ethnic or racial group makes up a majority of San Diego’s population. Non-Hispanic or Latino whites comprise 45.1% of the population (U.S. Census Bureau 2014), and have decreased by 2.8% between 2000 and 2010 ("San Diego City Redistricting"). Hispanics or Latinos comprise 28.8% (U.S. Census Bureau 2014), and have increased by 21% in the same time period. This demographic is expected to surpass the number of whites by 2050 (Keats 2013). Blacks or African Americans comprise 6.7%

  • The Canada 's Aging Population

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    The Canada’s aging population, those 55 years and older, stands at 30.8% of the Canada’s total. This segment of Canada’s population is growing due to demographic factors such as births and deaths rates, health and immigration, and will continue to grow for the next 50 years. Because of advances in medicine, health and nutrition, Canadians are living longer and are more active. Many of them too, have more disposable income than earlier generations of aged population. They see themselves as “alive