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  • Structuralism And Post-Structuralism In Language

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    Structuralism originated in the works of Ferdinand de Saussure, a Swiss linguist in the 20th century. An attempt to study a specific whole as a complex system of interrelated parts, it soon came to be applied to many other fields. Structuralism is closely related to Semiotics and Saussure focused on the underlying system of language, ‘langue’ instead of the use of language. Yet, the discovery of ‘langue’ is possible only with an examination of parole, speech. Apart from favouring the synchronic development

  • Post Structuralism And Post Modernism

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    model to unpack the meta-theoretical assumptions of the paradigm not accounted for – post-structuralism, and more broadly, post modernism. This section will briefly discuss each of Burrell and Morgan’s original criteria in relation to the literature on third-order analysis to justify the use of this modification. Hassard and Cox see three main approaches to organizational theorizing, structural, anti-structural and post-structural. Hassard and Cox (2013) also make notable adaptations to the understanding

  • The Feminist Movement Of The 18th Century Enlightenment Movement

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    In our modern, selfie-centric, and Facebook-likes-driven culture, it is widely understood that the formation and discovery of the "self" are crucial to one’s potential happiness. It is often advised that one must first focus on the well-being, contentment, and happiness of one’s self before working to provide such things for another. However, this mentality is relatively new in human history. It was once considered selfish to think of the "self" before the welfare of one’s community since they were

  • Life and Death

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    When a woman gets pregnant, she and her partner make a serious decision whether they should give birth to the unborn child or abort it. However, sometimes every couple can have a different outlook about giving birth or aborting because every male and female has his or her ways of thinking. In “Hills Like White Elephants,” the author, Ernest Hemingway tells a story of an American man and his girlfriend, Jig, who have a disagreement in the train station on the subject of whether to keep the unborn

  • How Knowledge And Language Defined The Concept Of Madness

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    The body and behaviours are defined as normal and abnormal through ‘othering’, a conceived structure of ‘knowledge’. This piece of work will explore how those deemed mad were understood and managed. This assignment will delve into mental health discourse and narratives in a theoretical historic context allowing for analysis and conclusions to be drawn. Discourse perceived those displaying unacceptable behaviour termed ‘madness’ as a threat to the stable fabric of society by diminishing cohesiveness

  • Evaluation of the Usefulness of Selected Examples of Foucault's Theory

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    Within this paper, I shall evaluate the usefulness of selected examples of Foucault’s theories from a feminist perspective. To begin, a short introduction will outline the era in which Foucault wrote, as this has been seen as influential to his work, inspiring him to move away from the former ideological ways of thinking about the world (Taylor and Vintges 2004, Mills 1997). I shall then go on to consider the changing nature of feminism, which has moved on from viewing patriarchy and men as the oppressors

  • Pop Art, Postmodernism, and World War II Essay

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    Pop Art, Postmodernism, and World War II Pop Art, a form of Postmodernism, describes the genre of art during and after WW2. The question I am exploring within this topic is why did the influence of the time period of World War II create such sexual and abstract works of art ? The points of view I encountered delivered two basic positions on the same issue. I studied a web site as well that offered graphics to support and explain it’s position (

  • Examples Of Alienation In Ponthan Mada

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    In the film, Ormakalundayirikkanam, there is a scene which portrays the real life situation of a Theyyam performer, moving away from the upper class people, he achieves an elated divine and powerful status while performing the rituals. This contradiction where he is considered as a demi-god while performing and an outcaste in the society in other times, brings the real life situation of the low caste in a feudal set up. In the same film, the director also represents the political reality of Kerala

  • Deconstruction In The Story Of An Hour By Kate Chopin

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    Going over literary texts isn't like reading other contents we have. We, as analysists ought to know about each word that has sense or significance, on the grounds that this type of content isn't there just to give us a delight in analyzing it, it gives us more insight. The insight we receive, we can discover it straightforwardly or by implication in the text. If the insight isn't obvious in the text you must uncover it. It's sort of like a profound breaking down to uncover it. One of the hypothesis

  • Public Policy Reflection Paper

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    This has been in my thoughts as I’ve been drafting my way into my own dissertation ideas. My background in critical social studies means I am very familiar with building arguments, so some of this uncertainty is expected. AT the moment, I know enough to say I am on the right track with my research ideas and know that public administration, and public policy in particular, is the right field for me.. However, I also feel rather critical of the policy process literature. It has been claimed, “public