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  • Professional Development Reflection Paper

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    During my practicum at WIN Family Services in Baltimore City, I encounter a variety of populations and disorders. The population consists of males and females eighteen years of age or older. This population suffers from a substance abuse problem along with depression, anxiety, bi polar disorder, or schizophrenia. The program I am working in entails individual and group counseling sessions throughout the day. The program is an intensive outpatient unit that takes place Monday though Thursday from

  • The Process And Importance Of Building Rapport With Clients

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    Describe the process and importance of building and maintaining good rapport with clients. Provide at minimum two examples to illustrate. Building rapport with clients is a very important part of my job. I work with homeless youth and it is difficult to build a relationship with kids that don’t trust you to begin with. Since I am there for the majority of the week I believe that most of the kids are used to having me around. In order to have a good relationship with my clients’ rapport is a vital

  • Reflection On The Practicum

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    As part of the curriculum, we were required to render 200 hours for the practicum. When I was in my lower years, I always wondered how it feels to be working for the practicum. Time goes so fast and then I suddenly realized that it was already my turn to experience it. I remember during the orientation I questioned myself whether I am ready for it and then I decided not to confront my feelings yet because there were still few months left to think about it. And then it was the time to apply. I didn’t

  • A Study On A Practicum

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    A practicum offers a unique opportunity to utilize theories and competencies learned in an educational setting, and apply them to a real world experience. Additionally, a practicum allows students to experience working within an organizational structure, building interpersonal communication skills, and learning from experience. The ability to apply public health theory and knowledge, while gaining professional experience is an integral part in the course of meeting educational and career goals. In

  • Practicum Reflection

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    Working as a counselor trainee during a practicum or internship there are a lot of emotions that students encounter. There are stresses related to self-doubt about skills and abilities, uncertainty about the counseling process due to lack of experience, as well as personal stresses that can impact feelings during the practicum (Edwards & Patterson, 2012). Edwards and Patterson (2012) completed a study with 35 masters level students during their practicums to evaluate positive and negative feelings

  • Reflection On Practicum

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    My practicum was a good learning experience of practical public health work and exposure to how zoonotic disease is handled by multiple public health departments. I appreciated my experience giving me the knowledge of day-to-day public health work and what it means to be epidemiologist. My classes in epidemiology prepared me well for understanding terminology and the process of outbreak response. Particularly, my Applied Epidemiology course provided me with the critical thinking skills to evaluate

  • Practicum Placement

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    My first practicum placement for this semester, I was placed at Henry F. Moss Middle School. When I found out that I had to observe and teach a lesson to middle schoolers, I was not thrilled. I have never had any interest in teaching middle school so I was dreading the next one-hundred and forty observation hours. Despite my initial thoughts, I enjoyed my time at Moss Middle. The teacher that I was placed with was Mrs. Durbin. She was very open to having me in her class and was never opposed to

  • Reflection On Practicum

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    practicum I was able to lead a professional development workshop about understanding poverty in order to better connect with our school population. This experience helped me develop my participative style of leadership. I was able to teach but also learn from the faculty in an open collaborative forum that helped us all make improvements to our craft. This experience taught me how to present to a faculty in a fun, engaging way that encouraged their participation. I learned that I should involve

  • Practicum Report

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    A Practicum Report On Bureau of Immigration Magallanes Drive, Intramuros Manila, Philippines Training Period: ( April 17, 2012 – June 11, 2012 ) In partial fulfillment of the requirements for the course TOUR 401 – Hospitality Practicum 1 For degree in Bachelor of Science in Tourism Management Tourism Management Department College of International Hospitality Management De La Salle University – Dasmariñas Dasmariñas, Cavite Presented to: Ms. Beberlee Desingaño Presented by: Panoy, Kristine

  • The At The Start Of The Practicum Experience

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    Name At the start of the practicum experience, we wrote a welcomed letter in which we welcomed the parents of the students in our classroom and alerted them about what students will be learning as well as some requirements of the program such as, a nut free lunch. The letter also provided some suggestions such as, applying sunscreen/bug spray before coming in, extra change of clothes and a towel. We also sent home a note home daily; explaining what students learned that day and what activities they