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  • Pregnancy Induced Hypertension

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    studies Summary References Introduction Pregnancy induced hypertension (PIH) is defined as diastolic blood pressure >90mm Hg and systolic blood pressure >140mm Hg. It is a syndrome with either pre-eclampsia-eclampsia or gestational hypertension (figure1). (Sharma). Between these conditions Pre-eclampsia Is associated with higher mortality and morbidity rates in both mother and fetus and causes complications in 3% to 8% of the pregnant women (Jennifer), .The underlying pathogenesis for the development

  • Effects Of Pregnancy On Women And Babies

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    Subtle or acute changes in pregnancy can threaten the successful journey to motherhood resulting in devastating consequences for women and babies (Lunau, 2014). Pre-eclampsia is the focus of this essay, a high risk condition experienced by a woman under my care. Her medical treatment will be contrasted with evidence-based information found in the reviewed literature. Risk assessment definition will be critiqued along with impact of this term on pregnant women. I will reflect on the care I provided

  • Pre-Eclampsia and Eclampsia Disorders in Pregnant Women

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    Pre-Eclampsia and Eclampsia Disorders In Pregnant Women Pre-eclampsia and eclampsia are disorders in pregnant women. Pre- eclampsia is hypertension and eclampsia is the worsening of pre-eclampsia where the woman experiences convulsions or goes into a coma. The complication of eclampsia in a pregnant woman can put her and her unborn child at risk. A risk that may be fatal. This is only to briefly define the disorders. Furthermore, I predict that women who have suffered from eclampsia do need

  • Clinical Management Of Pre Eclampsia

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    Scientific Abstract Proteinuria is a measure utilised in the diagnosis of pre-eclampsia. However, there is debate regarding the threshold for significance. The objective of this study was to determine which proteinuria threshold is important for the clinical management of pre-eclampsia in high-risk women, with the specific aim of assessing whether women with 300-499mg/24h of proteinuria could be considered suitable for outpatient management. This was achieved by evaluating incidence of adverse maternal

  • Pre-eclampsia and Complications Associated

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    Pre-eclampsia and complications associated with this condition account for 15% of direct maternal mortality, 10% of perinatal mortality in Australia (Brennecke, East, Moses, & Blangero) and around fifty thousand maternal deaths a year worldwide. (T. E. T. C. Group, 1995; Vigil-De Gracia et al., 2006) It is estimated that pre-eclampsia complicates about 2-8% of pregnancies. (M. T. C. Group, 2002) Immediate recognition and treatment in the pre-hospital setting is important to reduce the risk of hypertension

  • Using A Standardized Guideline Offers Advanced Practice Nurses ( Apn )

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    Delivering a baby at 40 weeks gestation is optimal for mother and for baby. Spontaneous deliveries decrease the incidence of maternal and/or fetal complications (Bingham, Ruhl, & Cockey, 2013). Exploring ways to decrease elective deliveries that are not medically necessary in the current obstetric clinic setting is the point of interest. An important step in the reduction of non-medically necessary inductions is to develop and implement standardized protocols that can be used by all providers in

  • Special Care Pregnancies

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    Jaclyn is 23 years old single African American mother who has her four year old son enroll at Berean Head Start Centers, one of the programs under the umbrella of Total Community Action, INC of New Orleans. One of the requirements is that families who have children enroll at any of the Head Start or Early Start Programs parents are to meet with the Social Worker or the Family Service Worker to complete a Partnership Agreement. The Partnership Agreement is to help families set reachable goals in

  • A Research Study On Pre Eclampsia

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    This analysis research paper about Pre-eclampsia gives a background on the underlying and ongoing issues that this disease has presented in women’s health. Pre-eclampsia is a serious life-threatening condition during pregnancy that causes hypertension, swelling, and death in the pregnant woman and fetus. Numerous studies have been conducted in the last thirty years that have proven that the reduced use of sodium has in fact, increased a pregnant woman’s chances of developing this disease even though

  • University Of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras Campus

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    Since my high school years, I have appreciated the importance of expanding my knowledge. That was when I decided to enroll in the University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras Campus. I come from a family that has been through many life challenges, such as the passing away of my father, economic issues, and other dilemmas. The death of my father opened my eyes about life. It taught me that life goes by fast, and I cannot waste it. It showed me that I have to make my time here valued, specially, for myself

  • The Master Of Social Work Program With Walden University

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    Personal/Professional Goals I am interested in the Master of Social Work program with Walden University because I have always had an interest in the various aspects and components of the profession. I am interested the opportunities that a job in human services and helping profession will allow. A social work degree is accepted for a mass variety of careers and organizations. I have researched a multitude of programs that focus on Master of Social Work. After a lot of consideration Walden has my