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  • Cgi, Pre Production, Production And Postproduction Vfx And Special Effects

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    What is Behind VFX CGI, Pre-production, Production and Postproduction VFX and special effects. What is VFX ? In film making, Visual Effects (abbreviated VFX) is the processes by which imagery is created and/or manipulated outside the context of a live action shot.(What is Visual Effects- 2014) What is Special effects? An illusion created for films and television by the props, camerawork,computer graphics, etc. (What is Special effects - 2014) Visual effects and special effects are constantly

  • Effects Of Films In The 80s

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    Films in the 80s were less experimental, original, but wer more formulaic. With special effect constently improving and becoming more open, more and more films were eager to capitalize on it. Studios were increasing the budget in production, while releasing less film. Big time directors like Steven Spielberg and George Lucas play a big contributed to 80s with their movies like Star Wars Empire Strike Back (1980) and E.T the Extraterrestrial (1982) and continue to reinvent the blockbuster movie. Hollywood

  • Film Analysis : You Is Kind

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    “You is kind. You is smart. You is important,” is one of the most iconic lines from The Help, which makes this film successful. When considering all of the aspects of film, this particular movie seems to outshine those aspects. The film provides a sense of reality given the time period and takes on the issue of racism. It also provides us with the experience of racism through all aspects, whether it be through the maids or Skeeter, which is the main character. The film is able to incorporate various

  • Movies Of The 2000's

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    2007. 2012-2014 showed the highest amount of the budget allocated for movies within the time period and then fell back down to normal in 2015. This graph really explains how the budget for productions have grown since the year 2000 and how there has been various advancements and money put into movie productions in present day times and how the value of the budget has increased. Figure 3. According to the line graph in Figure 3, popularity does not have a specific trend. The graph shows the popularity

  • Peer to Peer Piracy and the Film Industry Essay

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    cannibalizing a film’s opening weekend-returns. These copies are usually encoded and transferred over the Internet as well as through peer-to-peer networks. The second critical point is copies from retail DVDs. Before DVDs are sold to the public, production facilities churn out a

  • Video Industry And Its Impact On Children

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    While we are enthusiasts of entertainment and thrilling action, we are parental figures to the next generation of children on their way. Violence presented in media potentially affects children through vivid depictions of gore and tragedy, blurring the line between reality and fictionalized drama. The film industry and its’ supporters thrive off of these displays, drawing in crowds of spectators which provide the industry with an extraordinary amount of profit. Although many of these parents are

  • Why Are Movies Better Than Movies

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    When it comes to the entertainment boom millennials are facing, no other debate is as fierce as the debate of whether movies or book are better. Novels, or books, are perennial, having lasted throughout time as the premier way of sharing knowledge and the presentation of entertainment. However, the invention of films in the late 1800’s disrupted the titan. Movies then became a significant way to present stories and fears of books effacing from existence became mainstream. Although novels are still

  • Film Censorship

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    The influence of media on the individual is always the first concern when a new medium of entertainment is introduced in society. Whether it be the idea that violent video games instill aggression in its players, or that exposure to rap music inspires drug use, fear of media’s influence has plagued modern society as new technological advancements inundate Americans’ lives overwhelmingly often. This fear, however, is not limited to the current age of smartphones and virtual reality headsets. When

  • The Ave: Pre-Production Stage Analysis

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    The role that I’ve taken on during the production of my web series “The Ave” was show creator, runner, writer, director and producer. This journey was a total experience for me because of this being my first web series that I have ever produced. The film and television world are two different lanes however they both carry the same elements when it comes down to the production stages. The development stages happened during the month of May when I wrote the first four episodes and constantly rewrote

  • Olivia Munn's Three Seconds Movie In Pre-Production

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    Olivia Munn has four movies coming out soon. Two are in post-production, one has been completed, and one is in pre-production. "Three Seconds" is in pre-production. The film was written by Matt Cook, based off the novel by Borge Hellstrom and Anders Roslund. Otto Bathurst is attached to direct. The film stars Josh Brolin, Maggie Gyllenhaal, and Luke Evans. "Ride Along 2" is completed and will be released in mid January 2016. It stars Ice Cube and Kevin Hart, also featuring in the movie are Ken